ZOMG A George Forman Grill!

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DanVanDam: @alecjahn like the 5200 model having a beer cooler

DanVanDam: @sinistermoon you could have posted it as a video response ya know :P, but yea, it does look like a george forman grill design wise, now it takes a little imaganation to even consider a console as you put it "a toaster" but they named it a toasterBox model due to the fact you place in the cart into the machine, and in a small sense it does heat up,working the cart for its information.

sinistermoon: watch?v=EyS-iH-hJSk :)

Alec J: Well, y'know sometimes you're just done with gaming and have to get-your-grub-on. It's Burger Time.

jugghead82: Bro its a good grill cooks good food and TKO the fat.lol

elcarohw: lol now that was a good one you should be there next spokesman cheers great one !!!!

DanVanDam: @Medaka350 NOM NOM NOM

DanVanDam: @cyanidebreathmintz its a mean grilling machine that cuts half the fat!

BKDDY: Niceeeeeee! Almost want to get one to :D

cyanidebreathmintz: i like the retro grills better..less moving parts ;)

Guru Larry Gaming: That pic you chose for the video, for a second I thought you were MN12BIRD :D

jukenez: its THE MANS grill

ReviewTechUSA: when did u get that captain? congrats?

demonwaffels: LOL

ldisc66: Welcome to the PS3 club, where games are scarce. lol!

Surrealton M.: The Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine!

Lorfarius: Its a trap!

DanVanDam: @vipor29 this time i did that lol just wanted to show that i own a george foreman grill :D
ZOMG A George Forman grill! 5 out of 5

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I KNOW WHO YOU ARE: The GB3 has come out and i wonder how it compares to the Hammer Diesel
PsicoJuegos TM: Que Nostalgia y eso que tengo 16 muy poca gente de mi escuela conoce la canción.
Patrick Sayet: please those who like this video and game, pledge on Kickstarter!

Crystal Martin: Would you recommend the mini for budgeting?
Joseph Soto: hey how often do you keep it mainenced
Jables Jables: That's a gross bitch
Claudiacanta15: my dad used to work there and I am proud to say I am half dominican😍😍😍😍 sounds weird but that's were my mom and dad first met and they consived me there

ZOMG A George Forman grill!