Seeing AI - Great App For VIP - The Blind Life

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Seeing AI - Great App For VIP - The Blind Life
Seeing AI - Great App For VIP - The Blind Life
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Seeing AI review
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Seeing AI app from Microsoft
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Louise Arellano: Love the app. I've been using it since Monday.

Michael Moore: Great video, I’m going to go get my copy.

Arunangshu lodh: Can Seeing ai read Bangla language?

Nancy Hernandez: There is a handwriting channel and there is also a light channel afterwords

keekee 38: Is this app still available? I couldnt find it to load on ipad

Musheer Ahmad: Hi friends Great video you are really doing a noble job when the same app will be coming on Android

Joanne Zucker: Unable to get the app on my iPad which would be better for me.

Donna Duncan: We use android phones and tablets at our house, when will this be available for android this would be perfect for my grand daughter.

SixBlindKids: Thank you! We were playing with this yesterday. It’s pretty difficult for users who are completely blind. We tried to read products with the short text like spices, cans, etc, things my daughter needs at work at the bakery. Maybe it was just the iPhone. We’ll have to try some other techniques, maybe the product. I’ve put this video in our “likes” playlist.

wajahat ali: Please let us know about the updates of this app and also information about android.

Tonya Perry: This video is wonderful!
I have a best friend that is blind. I am going to download this app on her ipad. She just purchased her ipad a few weeks ago, so very knew to all of this. I am trying hard to help her. She is so excited with hopes of gaining some independence.
I have a question if anyone has an answer, please.
Is there an app to help the blind scroll to find various utube videos?
My friend is subscribed to a couple channels that help her do bible study. With some lessons and sermons. Siri will take her to the utube channel specifically requested. But that is far as she goes. Once she is there my friend cannot see to select and play the videos. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
New subscriber!!
God Bless You!

Blind Valkyrie: i wonder how well the person mode would be with transgender people

Mattie D. Truitt: I am excited about this app looking forward to learning how to work it

Author Ronda Del Boccio: This us,amazing!

Mandy Joyce: This is life changing for me! Thank you for all you do Sam!

shaun maddock: Great video, thank you sir and thank you microsoft

Brian Holmes: hello Sam...I am looking for a wrist watch that will guide me to a predefined spot via problem is that while I can see just a few feet in front of me I am unable to identify things in the distance....when I go to the beach I can not see where my things are and I can not see where to go back through the sand dunes....once on the path I am fine but the beach looks all the same to me...any ideas would be appreciated...

Diaa Elfeky: Dear Mr. Sam
Really you are doing well please advice me as I need to purchase an iPad and I need to know what are available apps to support LVP thanks for your help

First Last: Have you heard anything about using Alexa / echo by blind people ?

Yunus Vrl49: ich probiere gerade die App aus, einfach die beste App für blinde überhaupt! richtig genial ich bin echt sprachlos und weiß nicht mehr was ich darauf sagen soll nur schade das die App auch nicht die deutsche Sprache beinhaltet aber naja damit kann man auch leben. es ist einfach super schnell und reagiert auf das was man von der erwartet . ihr habt wirklich Barriere frei groß geschrieben! an dieser Stelle,ein großes Dankeschön an die community.
Seeing AI - Great App For VIP - The Blind Life 5 out of 5

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Gometallica12: Does the graphics card switch from intel to nvidia automatically when going into a game?
allentig: wad (what a douche)
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iskateu247: Thankyou very much you helped me a lot. Now I just need to get a battery. Can I ask what battery you are using and what sort of flight times you get with it?
mhs vz: Both. Thank you.

Seeing AI - Great App For VIP - The Blind Life