Best CHEAP Steadicam For DSLR (yelangu S60t)

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Good & Affordable Steadicam (Yelangu s60t)
Good & Affordable Steadicam (Yelangu s60t)
BUDGET GLIDECAM: Yelangu S60T Gimbal review + TEST FOOTAGE
BUDGET GLIDECAM: Yelangu S60T Gimbal review + TEST FOOTAGE
Best and Affordable Steadicam? (Yelangu S60T)
Best and Affordable Steadicam? (Yelangu S60T)
Best CHEAP Steadicam for DSLR (yelangu s60t)
Best CHEAP Steadicam for DSLR (yelangu s60t)
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Olivier Bink: Link to the product in the description

Dennis Vanderben: wow, great production quality!

Mike Naughton: Thanks. Good info.

Gerald Sultana: Ok, so I have the G7 with the 25 mm lense, & im having trouble balancing it... any help would be awesome thanks!

Discover Beyond: you have entrephenour DNA keep going there is no limits to success

P Money: What’s the song called in the video at the end ?

BalamVic: Why do you use "black bars" in the test video????

vilsujami: I cant mount this on my Canon Legria HfG25 camcorder one of the screws on the gradienter is too wide 😶

Tomás Cardoso: Amazing! Might get one when I buy my new camera

Alexandre Pita: Dude, horrible lighting. Why is the light on the BACK?? Yourself and the steadycam are DARK.
Put the damn light in the front pointing at you lol

R I Q U E: Those sample shots are very cinematic. Wow.

Charlene: There was a dvd with it to learn how to balance the steadicam but you threw it away and watched videos instead. I can't believe how dumb you are kid.

Knyaw DreaMers: Can you buy this at Amazon?

Welly: a very enjoyable video, well put together and nicely edited with sample panning and running shots. I'm a great fan of small dslr productions with limited budgets. Well done !!! :)

Nico's Films: Awesome vid! Thats soooo cool that you managed to get a sponsor !!!

Oliver V.: sick videos! im looking into buying this stabilizer for my next season of snowboarding with my canon eos m3. youre a really good filmmaker! I also make videos but you just give off a better vibe 😂😂

Techniques For Everything: good job on editing man

Faith 4 Keto Kitchen: Great information! I just found your channel and subscribed. I'll be sharing with my hubby. ☺️

Peter Jarecki: So this footage was shot with the DX NIKKOR 35mm lens on a Nikon D5200? I want to get that lens and this stabilizer. The footage looks fantastic. I subscribed.

Mathias nørregren: Nice video! You explain everything in a interesting way! Keep it up buddy! Love from Denmark
Best CHEAP Steadicam for DSLR (yelangu s60t) 5 out of 5

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Best CHEAP Steadicam for DSLR (yelangu s60t)