Came ('Steadicam') Stabilizer Review/Test

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Came ('Steadicam') Stabilizer Review/Test
Came ('Steadicam') Stabilizer Review/Test
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Came-TV Pro Steadicam HONEST Review
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Good & Affordable Steadicam (Yelangu s60t)
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Mike Mcglasson: Why isn't this tool more popular?

Yodahe Abebe: Hello Arthur, looking to buy this. Is it possible to use it in the upside down angle with this kit? Thanks

Waynes World Studio: Just wonder have you experience with the Steadicam Aero 30? Can you compare to that, thanks.

kuya: awesome review! moving away from a ronin-m because i can't use half of my rig on it, excited to try it out, great footage btw!

Tee Platinum: great video. quick question... how long are you able to use the steadi Cam before it starts getting heavy and cumbersome?

simon gentry: ty for sharing Arthur!

TokenFanatic: I use this Steadicam system with the Blackmagic URSA and Im NOT the Hulk so im looking for a new camera lol. Nothing wrong with the steadicam though it performs very well and distributed weight very well , its great.

daniel lam: Hey arthur, I'm curious. It's been two years since you put this review up. How have your opinion on the CAME Steadicam changed? Has it improved or worsened? Thanks in advance.

W. W.: Wow. I really like this peace of gear. I've got a questions though. Will the vest and arm work with an Glidecam HD4000?

Somnang Vann: Great video! I'm looking to buy this steadicam system as well. Are you still using it? How's the build quality on it now since you bought it? Also, what case are you using to store the system? Sorry for all the questions, thanks!

@philtheeditor: Can a Sony a7s ii work successfully with this rig? Looking for a steadicam that can support a range of cameras from a7s to BMCC..

JJ Sicotte: I'm selling a mint condition Came-TV steadicam on ebay. $500.00 starting bid.

Joe Di Franco: I've been considering this product for years now. How much does the unit weigh ? The Vest ?, The Arm ( Heavy duty or Light arm) ?, The Sled ? ...and when they say the arm can support aprox 30 pounds, they mean aprox 15LBS on the top and 15LBS on the bottom of the sled...Correct ? Thanks

Raychristofer: Lovin the background and your new review studio setup.

MEDIA GUIDE: Hi arthur,
I am planning to buy steadicam, i was making choice between glidecam HD2000 and steadicam pilot both can take weight till 10 pounds.
Pilot will cost me including shipping near about 3500 $ and glidecam somewhere in between 2600 $...
I was just surfing youtube and i saw you their with came tv steadicam watch video my mount was open....i mean it looks amazing from sled,rig,vest,arm and also it takes upto 15 kg...thats really awesom...i gone through came tv web site also...i am satisfied about price also it will cost me including shipping near about 1600 $ including every dam thing i want..
But arthur only thing i am really worried is about quality, as you said its Chinese, my friend as you are using it tell me frankly how is the performance.
As i have watched one interview of sir Garrett brown talking about chines made steadicam, he didn't praise nor does he said they are making crap things...only he said that they are now doing good work and manufacturing good stuff regarding steadicam's , infact he said in china their are 5 top companies who are manufacturing good steadicam's but didn't metion names.....
But really came tv steadicam diverts my mind frm glidecam and pilot..
And sorry for long msg. I apologized for this, but you can understand as i am confused now.pls suggest n waiting for your valuable commits.

chris c: hey Arthur great review. I just wanted to know how are you running a video signal to a monitor at the base of the steadicam. I see that there is a HDMI and a Video port but what does video mean? SD or HDSDI with a B and C cable? I just want to know just bc I would like to have a HDSDI signal bc of industry-standar.

Diego DojeR: Hi Arthur! Thank you for the review! :-)
Could you recommend me any quick release plate that suits perfectly with the steadicam? (any ebay link for example ..? )
Thanks in advance!

huyked: Hi.  Thank you for the quick review and demo footage!  I do have a question, if you don't mind?
I was wondering about something called iso-elastic ( ) in the arm.  When you raise the arm to a higher position (or conversely, to a lower position), will the arm want to came back to the mid position, or does it stay put wherever you place it as you're walking?  Thank you.

Beta State: How does this camera feel with a 7D or Mark 5iii with just a lens?  The weight of just a simple DSLR with a lens is around 3-4 pounds, less than the 2.5kg (5.5lbs) arm minimum.  How does it feel bare bones like this?  Is it worth throwing on a mic and LCD just to add weight to hit the 5.5lbs minimum?  I can only imagine that using less weight than required can yield undesirable results.  Thoughts?

Dong Gil Portfolio: Can i mount the RED ONE camera?
Is 15kg weight contains sled?
The college students in Korea.
I do not speak English well. Sorry
Came ('Steadicam') Stabilizer Review/Test 5 out of 5

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Mike Mcglasson: Why isn't this tool more popular?
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Came ('Steadicam') Stabilizer Review/Test