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Nick Rudd: What about running XP or any other Windows on virtual machine?

Hex DSL: Great discussion guys!

8Auger: Can you tweak your intro out maybe a more cartoony tux model or a whole cartoony world.

ifell3: I'm one of those 11%!!!

8Auger: Where is the review of manjaro 0.8.9.

Čtyři Pašketýři: I think there shouldn't be proprietary software on Linux. Their absence makes more people look for free alternatives

wolf Maximus: I have been looking at some video that you have do. I have been using window XP and Window 7 pro. But I do like the window 7. and I use studio one D.A.W. for music. But I do NOT LIKE Mic.soft. so I have been looking for NEW software so I have watch some of the video about Linux lite .so I have download some of Linux lite. mint. ubuntul. manjaro. Ubuntu studio. and zorin. to try them...... ? I have try the Linux lite for 5 min and I have to say yes I like it but not a lot of software in it. but I am keep it. and try all of them. so I will be watch more of the video that you have do on this channel.

William Houser: I push people toward Mint. That way if they put a DVD in, it will play. I don't know if Zorin has libdvdcss, and gstreamer out of the box. Perhaps one of you know.

William Houser: I guess we can thank MS for Windows 8, and XP

William Houser: I'm actually amazed it's 11 percent considering linux only makes up less than 3 percent of the total market share

NL31011974: Thanks for the broadcast, I'm fairly new to linux. I tried it once ten years ago but found it was not my thing back then. Now that I have matured :) I find linux also has and now I'm really giving it a go. It find it challenging but very fun to do. Like you said, it teaches you more how a pc works also the endless possibilities are one of the reasons I want this. I realize now that I have been using computers the "wrong" way all this time, now the time has come to set the record straight ;)

riuspablo: oh my god! That tostoday is so whiny! In my opinion of course...

CyberDork34: Given how tiny the linux desktop market share is, and how large the windows XP marketshare still is, 11% should be rejoyceful imho.

Michael B.: I have only been using Linux for 1-2 years but I do help friends and friends of friends with computer problems. With XP users I have found that a Ubuntu derivative is best because of games & support. Elementary OS (for Laptop) or Ubuntu Gnome (for PC) & Lubuntu (for old PC's) are the three I use. System 76 if you are looking for good hardware.

E. Benjamin Roy: When I switched I did it cold turkey, not the smartest thing to do after 20 years of Windows only computing but in the long run it was worth it.  Linux is fun, Linux is a challenge, Linux is a reward.

katanaswordfish: I'm a Windows/Linux dual-booter, and despite really enjoying Linux, I've never been able to switch to a Linux only setup.

To me, it seems that switching to a 100% Linux setup is currently only a real option for two 'classes' of computer users; those who casually use computers for web browsing and media consumptions, and those who spend the majority of time working with Linux systems, programming ( for those mainly interested in development on Linux), or web development. Of course, there are millions of computer users who only use their PCs for communication, web browsing, music, movies, etc. Those people could easily adopt Linux and forget about Windows entirely. But this requires that distro devs/communities continue to support user-friendly GUI design and software installation pipeline. I think that the overall community is mostly on the right track.

However, niche/'specialist' computer users are still being somewhat left out of the Linux world due to a lack of user-space software. If you're primarily a console gamer, you can easily adopt Linux without giving up your game library, but for a huge portion of PC gamers switching from Windows to Linux might mean abandoning a large chunk of your existing library. Steam has set Linux on the path to gaming success, the growth has been astronomical, and it will continue to grow with the future release of big game engines and middleware. But, for most PC gamers, dual-booting is likely as far as they will go... for now.

The other niche is a big one; designers, artist, musicians, etc. Without big-name, popular programs like the Adobe creative suite, the entire Autodesk catalog, music production DAWs and VST instruments, pro-level video editing tools, game development engines/tools, stream broadcasting tools, etc. there is a big gap in software that's required by professionals and hobbyists in a wide range of fields. Many open-source alternatives exist, of course, but the Linux community has to be considerate and understanding of the needs of the creative community. Asking digital painters to switch from the programs that they know, use every day and prefer, to another program (regardless of how full-featured it may seem to be) is a huge burden. If programmers wouldn't want to switch from GTK to Qt (or vice versa), then the Linux community needs to understand that programs like Photoshop and Ableton Live are necessary (or at least, programs that emulate them as closely as legally possible).

We can presume that the Windows XP crowd are neither hardcore gamers nor creative industry professionals/hobbyists. Which means that many of those users are likely to be casual PC users. I think it's very possible that those casual users would be happy and successful on easy-to-use Linux distros. However, in order to attract those kinds of users distros need to raise awareness, continue to prioritize user friendliness without removing the possibility for customization and 'power use', and make public relations efforts to attract companies like Adobe, Autodesk, or Epic Games, to the idea of multi-platform development.

OlegSV (Eyecatcher): Those who lusting after professional production software like: Final Cut Pro X and Ableton, can use Lightworks 11.5, and BitWig Studio, which comes out on March to linux platform.

InfinitelyGalactic: Great work everybody! We should do this again sometime. ;-)
PC A-Team ::: Linux for Windows XP Users 5 out of 5

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Nick Rudd: What about running XP or any other Windows on virtual machine?
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PC A-Team ::: Linux for Windows XP Users