FEARLESS Helicopter Crop Dusting Pilot

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FEARLESS  Helicopter Crop Dusting Pilot
FEARLESS Helicopter Crop Dusting Pilot
Crop Duster Plane. Incredibly Talented Stunt Pilot!
Crop Duster Plane. Incredibly Talented Stunt Pilot!
Helicopter Crop Dusting
Helicopter Crop Dusting
Pilots Keep Things Safe While Crop Dusting
Pilots Keep Things Safe While Crop Dusting
UH-1B Crop Dusting Helicopter
UH-1B Crop Dusting Helicopter

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Island Life Farms: Awesome Video! I can watch these all day. Great Flying!
I've been a pilot for over 25 years (22 in the military while flying 16 in the airlines) 
My wife and I have Ag fertilizer, Organic Foliar Fertilizer.
If you are interested to learn more or to work on our team, check out our website: www.OrganicFertilizerUSA.com

Bro Bec: Whats the puff clouds at 1:30 exhaust or just air in the line of the spray boom?

SurveyofFilmMusic: Probably spraying Monsanto crap.... soon we'll all die!

Randy Chandler: I rode in one of these with a Lycoming on it. You couldn't hear yourself think. Nice video

motokid032: Good old Hiller H-12 with a Soloy turbine conversion.

gess ges: well we cant see what he can see  it may be an easy run from his seat , sure he would not take to many risks in that machine

chavezsi87: Why can't military pilots fly like that..crop dusters always fly low over my house..The one at my house is really fearless..he does all that while dodging power lines..

Markus Klostermann: since u like helicopter and awsome flying skills, as I do, u gonna love this one BO 105 Flying Tiger

theantiredneck: The last thing you said sounds like a good idea for you!

1967JeepTruckJ3000: Impressive flying skills.  I have to point out if nobody else did, the telephoto lens has a "compression effect" and the pilot has a lot more clearance than it looks.  Look at around 3:43 on the clock, look at the power line poles going down the road.  Compressed distance between the poles.  Same thing with the rest of the footage.

Neil WM: Make Poop, I did...

NS4DQ: It looks like it has an Allison 250-C20 (T63) turboshaft engine. It puts out about 375 horsepower, so that little thing has to be pretty peppy. My guess would be that he used to be an Army pilot by his return to target maneuvers.

Cassio VA: Now I get it. The nozzles is to apply something in crop... thanks ;)

BrannDailor: those are the spray nozzles.. maybe it serves the purpose you said, but from what i can see those are just the nozzles.

Michael baesMichaelBaes: Where would a guy go to learn this as a career?

TheBertjeT: Hey look, it's Howling Mad" Murdock!

Cassio VA: they put 2 bars on side of the heli, to have a reference of rotor leght, smart....

tstokemb: that's what the air force is there for.

Moose: i always wanted*

Moose: Ice always wanted my own chopper. But the cheapest one i can find is 250,000$ so i guess my dream of flying will never happen lol.
FEARLESS Helicopter Crop Dusting Pilot 5 out of 5

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FEARLESS  Helicopter Crop Dusting Pilot