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How to make patchy brows a thing of the past with Benefit’s NEW Brow Collection!
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Eyebrow Shaping at Home Like a PRO!
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EYEBROW HACKS That Everyone Should Know!

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xisobelx373: I know this is older..but I missed this one. I used to have ABSOLUTELYGORGEOUS brows thru all my life until ..my senior year of hs. I was part of a freak show /performanceart group and I blew fireballs.. consequently singned my brows off repeatedly...and now, they absolutelywill not grow back.. and I really am sad about it. I wish I could go back and have them again they naturally looked like a young brooke shields brows .. sigh. Now..I am always wanting the perfect way to draw them in..but..I miss not having to worry about them...like if someone drops by and I haven't done them..etc I will throw a hat on...and pull it way down...oh well..My favorite is a naturally thick brow..with small feminine features ..I think it's the most beautiful

Janu Lady: Wow a man

cristinapereiraufg: Thanks!

K3r0411: With eyebrows, more often than not, we have to work with what we got. With women they get thinner as we get older, and may look over-plucked when in reality they are not; or with men they get bushy, which is an easy fix. Thyroid conditions can make the eyebrows very sparse as well. I can`t stand overdone brows. I know it`s “in” right now, but it often just looks absurd. If these people look at their pics ten yrs from now they are going to cringe big time.

jessica: tbh thin eyebrows look better on me than thick ones. not like over plucked barely there pencil line drawn eyebrows but just relatively thin without looking ridiculous. I have hooded eyes and thick eyebrows make me look angry, mean, and pissed off.

Jen Bo: Tadpole has gotten on my nerves since 1990

Annette Talavera: Omg!! I guess i should try to start growing my eyebrows. But when i do they look so messy. Wayne i heard that the thicker the better. Thats one problem i do not have. If i decide to grow my eyebrows for the next too months im gonna look crazy HELP'!!!!!!!😥😥😥

Stephanie Marin: Guilty of over-plucked, overly-arched chola brows... it was SO very hard to let go and let grow. Tadpoles! ugh I hate them! But I think once one over plucks or misshapes the brows, it becomes agonizing to let them grow back in because it looks worse before it gets better. God, the parting of the Red Sea is bad too... God!!

Just Need A Narrowboat: As a true blond baby my brows were super pale couldn’t see them at all, started plucking to get them darker in my teens they just stopped growing so I’ve had mine tattooed on for the past 10 years. Works for me no problems .

sunny5357: I can't stand the Instagram brow look and also how some youtube makeup gurus have these enormous, dark, Groucho Marx brows. I like to hold a piece of paper over them on the computer screen to see how much prettier and feminine they look with thinner brows. They make them look so hard and masculine.

Andria Knobel: Tadpoles need to die.

Janet Valdes-Dapena: I SO AGREE! Question is, how do you politely stage an eyebrow intervention for a dear friend with tadpoles perched on their face?

Katherine Canon: So what think of the Korean eyebrows the straight one? I honestly kinda like it makes them look younger without the arch for some reason.

Glam By Adrian: i like the instagram brow :)

Alesse 12345: the endoing just made me ridivukouskg happy "thank you for your time" like... wow. that really touched me for some reason i now feel like staying up late watching eyebrow videos is worthwhile. XD you're very welcome!!! what about straight brows though? thoughts?

Farasha Hanem: When I hit puberty at around 10-11 years old, I had the Hermione uni-brow, and the kids at school made fun of me so bad that I would come home crying. I then sneaked my grandmother's tweezers and went to town, over plucking them to near-oblivion. My grandmother didn't jump on to me (because she knew why I did it) but warned me that continually over plucking the brows can cause them to not grow back. Sure enough, that's what happened.

N Manning: OMG - some of those photos were absolutely hideous!

I knew girls in high school who shaved their brows. I never could understand that. I knew one girl who had the most beautiful pair of brows - dark, very full and heavy, great shape, perfect arch - and she never wore makeup EVER! I was so jealous.

I have very pale eyebrows that are kind of sparse. I call them "invisible brows". They are so light, they nearly disappear. I pluck a stray here or there, but not much or often. I never really knew what to do with them, so I did nothing. After viewing those photos, I think I'll stick to what I've always done, thank you.

Keep the great videos coming, Wayne. I always appreciate the info, even if I don't put it into practice. Much love, Pennsylvania USA

ForbsieLaLa: I had naturally sad brows

paintt paint: one eyebrow is really nice on me, like it's ful but not too full with a little arc but my other has some bald patches and doesn't have a lot of hair at the ends. its not super noticeable but to me it is. I think the problem with my "bad" eyebrow is that time I accidentally shaved off a huge part of it and looked like I was doing that bad girl look. I know eyebrows should be sisters not twins so I don't go crazy over it

Speccy SquareGoLike: There's a girl who works in my local fish and chip shop and she has super-thin, super-arched, super-villain eyebrows.
5 EYEBROW SHAPES TO AVOID!!!! 5 out of 5

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