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Affordable GRWM For Beginners (Using Maybelline)
Affordable GRWM For Beginners (Using Maybelline)
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DRUGSTORE MAKEUP STARTER KIT 2018! What To Buy in the Drugstore
Makeup for Beginners Tips & Starter Kit  I DRUGSTORE MAKEUP GUIDE
Makeup for Beginners Tips & Starter Kit I DRUGSTORE MAKEUP GUIDE

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EmptyNestFullLifeWife: Very helpful. Thanks doll!

Chenda William: May I ask a personal question Nitra... do you travel to do bridal makesup? I don't know how to reach you but thru here. I have been following you.

Chenda William: Makesup for beginners how to apply colors on your skin complexion. I have the hardest time putting makesup on.

Hlengiwe Mahlangu: I love you so much thanks a lot sweety

Chante B: I know this  a old video but I happen to  just came across this video and had to watch...when you talked about the hard candy highlighter having you glowing like your pregnant....and knowing that now your actually having your first child I just thought that little reference was so funny

Tyouata Fields: I so love your videos.

Athena Ford: you are cazy

mittie rowland: Am I the only one not feeling the coastal scents eyeshadows? I had the original naked dupe (don't remember the name). I really tried to like it and tried applying it a lot of different ways. It was chalky and had crazy fall out. I just ended up throwing it away bc I couldn't make it work

Dominique Reid: Love your video!! Any beginner and affordable makeup brushes or makeup tools you recommend?

Amal ahmad: Thank u thank u thank u luv u so much 💓💓💓💓

ThatHoneyDip: I love you nitra but I won't lie .. I cringed when you bent your mascara wand and all the product got on the tube lmao

Zurishaddai Lee: Girl! You're awesome!

Phillis Webb: Side note meme is said meem lol

Rasmeet Chhabra: what is the lip color you are wearing? It is beautiful!

Anita Konadufrimpong: you are very beautiful

LUNAJAZMIN: i love this 😍😍😍 im new to youtube 😍😍😍

Rachel: I think all you need in foundation, concealer, blush, powder, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick/lipgloss, eyebrow filler in er, and some brushes and you are good. Even though I left out primer, (I don't think you actually need it if you was your face and close your pores with cold water when you are done) contour stuff, and a ton of other stuff this is still a lot of stuff if you want to not get a lot of stuff you just need concealer, mascara if you have blond hair and blond eyelashes if you have dark eyelashes you don't really need it, and lipgloss/lipstick.

Lexi Heck: I don't know if that's a real morphe palette, they don't have mirrors and the logo looks different....

Bekkah Styles: About the brown thing- what if you already have really BOLD, THICK and DARK brows already? I mean obviously aside from waxing them to shape them, do we really need to use brow makeup?

Joanna Langford: Omg it's not pronounced me me why did it take over a year for someone to comment this?
Beginners Makeup Guide | Affordable Recommendations! 5 out of 5

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Beginners Makeup Guide | Affordable Recommendations!