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Nabil Shad Rahman: but i don't know to save this game and no one is making a video of how to save this game.
zankye: @Bionix631 Not the account this giveaway it's closed, means it's over
A RANDOM JOE: Nice water pool. We only can afford a rock pool
T.A TAEY4444: สัพพาหังสุขิโตโหมิ
Alexlatinagirl Castro: 1:59 epic fail
Huayra Magali Gonzalez Ruggiero: Hola!!! donde puedo conseguir las placas metálicas esas? Yo tengo algunas pero son de las pequeñas y no tienen esos diseños tan bonitos
Badtothebones Gaming: I like that ROBLOX reference that one of them said