WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ)

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Nelson Roman: 5g

demontredugger: 2010 was a great year for WWE

Jordon King: It was Kane

Robert Carter: Kane = Awesome mic skills

Luis Lopez: At 8:23 ´´And Then I will shut´´ HAHAHAHA LMAO!!!

Luis Lopez: At 0:14 The Champ is Here!!!

Boristos Jaxon: Wow finally Kane is champ.

NiggadaumHistory: @RKO4EVER860 its rumored that it's supposed to be kane, but they said it was supposed to be kane vs taker at summerslam which obv now its not,..so i dont kno but i think its the nexus,

سيف المزروعي: freak rey and kane Y2J is the best

etele lionheart: yeah thx man!

King Nashor: Thanks for the fast upload in HQ! :D
WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ) 5 out of 5

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George Kershaw: @MrBMXNJ nope, just hold it. the camera has a pretty good image stabiliser :D
Mouna Maes: Hi Keisha, I am always lost when you say 3 custom highlighting powder? what is that and where can i find it? Ive been looking for it everywhere.
s27945: 田甄甄甄
InabaPrism: I've come to notice this XBOX "lead" is pretty meaningless, even in the UK. Why? Cause there are already far more PS4 consoles sold out there. With that "lead" in sales, the total sales for FIFA on XONE were barely above 610,000. You know how many copies were sold for the PS4? over 2.2 Million.
KidsPlanet: Have a nice day!
Itallo Arruda: Brasillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Yasmim Esthaffany: eu amor Selena Gomez sou sua fã número 1

WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ)