WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ)

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WWE Smackdown Spoilers 7/2/10 [HQ]
WWE Smackdown Spoilers 7/2/10 [HQ]

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Nelson Roman: 5g

demontredugger: 2010 was a great year for WWE

Jordon King: It was Kane

Robert Carter: Kane = Awesome mic skills

Luis Lopez: At 8:23 ´´And Then I will shut´´ HAHAHAHA LMAO!!!

Luis Lopez: At 0:14 The Champ is Here!!!

Boristos Jaxon: Wow finally Kane is champ.

NiggadaumHistory: @RKO4EVER860 its rumored that it's supposed to be kane, but they said it was supposed to be kane vs taker at summerslam which obv now its not,..so i dont kno but i think its the nexus,

سيف المزروعي: freak rey and kane Y2J is the best

etele lionheart: yeah thx man!

King Nashor: Thanks for the fast upload in HQ! :D
WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ) 5 out of 5

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Nelson Roman: 5g
DERFJECK: Wow! Good review!
Ruslan Safin: mind-blowing stuff here!
Carter: Who is watching in 2016?
FahmySlotCars: yeah , actually there is the other video i have just uploaded , check it out , that video is the whole track .. if you want see the pictures of the track there is a link on that video
Richard Bastar IV: Team by Lorde. Music only though!
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WWE Smackdown 7/30/10 1/10 (HQ)