026 The Function Of The Cerebellum

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026 The Function of the Cerebellum
026 The Function of the Cerebellum
Cerebellum Review
Cerebellum Review
Cerebellum   Organ Systems   MCAT   Khan Academy
Cerebellum Organ Systems MCAT Khan Academy
Cerebellum: What is its Function?
Cerebellum: What is its Function?
Neurology   Anatomy & Function of the Cerebellum
Neurology Anatomy & Function of the Cerebellum

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Vicky Kumar: How we can recover these cell after damage because of brain surgery sir plz reply

Zaena Mheir: i'd support your art career!

María Ofelina Martinez Hernández.: On offense but you are terrible at drawing

DarthSmartt: but what if I do trip?

Sunni Sukumar: Awesome drawing! :-) And thank you for the overview.

B Chaudhury: How we can roll our cerebellum

Afnan Ahmed: great one

Ruby Mae Catabas: thanks for making me happy and not making me bald!!!

Motshy M: Great video very helpful

justbeabby: Are you Jamaican?

Evo Makamba: Thank you for the video, it all makes sense now. I'm writing Neurophysiology tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous though, After i write my exam, Ill have my degree in my bag. :)

Tun Win: Thanks u  so much for u uploaded it ,bcoz my teacher ask me about that I cant reply her. U did a nice work.

Lelouch Lamperouge: It's really important to know that damage to the right side of the cerebellum produces symptoms on the right side of your body.(same with left sides of course).That's because all the tracts from the cerebellum are going to reach their targets uncrossed or they will cross twice so they reach the same side.

Andrea Doherty: make you not bald! haha :)

Laura Portillo: Thank you so much ! I have an anatomy quiz and this was a great help! keep posting please

Stephane Morin: tres bon videor!!! merci!!!

Jessica Pham: Thanks !! I have my physiology final tomorrow and my brain wouldn't absorb any info from my textbook but your videos are interesting and help me absorb information so much more easily!!

Kimberly Guillory-McLean: I enjoy your videos. They are very helpful in understanding the nervous system. And the interactive stuff and demonstrations are definitely a plus. Great help!

Tina Thai: I love your videos !!!! You make it so much easier to understand and grasp the concept by breaking it down and giving examples, compared to the hours I spend trying to comprehend the materials in my book....thank you so much :)

Tiffany Ng: I love your vids, they help a lot!
026 The Function of the Cerebellum 5 out of 5

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026 The Function of the Cerebellum