P780 No Signal

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P780 no signal
P780 no signal
P780 no signal
P780 no signal
Lenovo p780 signal problem
Lenovo p780 signal problem
One type of solution for Lenovo P780 Mobile Network Issue
One type of solution for Lenovo P780 Mobile Network Issue
Lenovo P780 No Network or not stable Network
Lenovo P780 No Network or not stable Network

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Gaurav Naik: Exactly same problem

Yosua tama: i have the same problem too.. how can i fix it?

Zarko Vujicic: You can try to remove back cover.That was help for somebody...

johan: This because the signal IC was error, my service center give solution by changing the IC ( the name IC is SKY)

Optimus6128: I did something stupid and killed the freaking phone. I tried to remove the battery (while it's unremovable) because firmware updating was not happening, and some said you must connect the USB with phone closed. And some other guy said you must even remove battery and I thought I would try to carefully remove the battery (it's very very hard, and maybe I shouldn't). When I lifted one side, there was big burst of sparkles and smoke. Don't understand why (the phone was off). So, instant kill, that's it. I feel like an idiot, because I did big damage like this with my own attempt. I never expected this burst, don't understand why it happens. freaking piece of crap for a phone!

This is after, when I thought freakit, I should have made a video about it but didn't.


Henry Sungkono: have ur signal problem solved yet? i have the same prob..

Optimus6128: Same problem here. I was trying to ask for repair but they say warranty was only 3 months. I didn't tried other ROMs yet. I am not sure if buying this replacement in the link will help and if it's easy for me to install it or I need to remove and resolder. I don't want to mess with my time, it's better to buy another phone or just stick to my primitive one that at least can still do well it's primary function.

btsigris100: efoson file mou ksereis poio einai to provlima pare ena antallaktiko san auto pou sou esteila se link kai ftiakse to monos sou  i isws se opoiondipote texniko. den xreiazetai na to petakseis

btsigris100: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Sim-Memory-SD-Card-Holder-Slot-Flex-For-LENOVO-P780-parts-for-repair-Free-shipping/1823735345.html

Aris As: και δεν μας λες τι εγινε τελικα

Yaser Al-akhras: same problem here, any solution????

Nitin Jadhav: Exactky the same provlem. Did u fix it ?
P780 no signal 5 out of 5

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P780 no signal