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xTheEnforcerx1: WWWOOOOOOOWWWWW you provide the greatest links in the WORLD!!! If you haven't caught on by now I was being sarcastic, you might has we say google it instead of trying to be cute! Please stop doing videos, not like you know what your doing anyway your probably copying for some elses video/article anyways.
Bela BeLA: felme mijenjaj pod hitno i zatamni stakla!
sai kiran: Thanks a lot bro. It helped a lot
yourjcb: +Steven Noel Yes - the 3CX Compact will be for sale in the USA. Thank you for your nice comments!
Natasha Carter: You came a long way...
shiaren bionicho: Guys you should take a look at this place
It is shipped everywhere, the ship thing cost is cheap too.

oleezy Mackey: Dylan your an awsome YouTube'r and I support you all the time Dylan your the best YouTube'r ever

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