Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Review

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Samsung Focus Flash Review
Samsung Focus Flash Review
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Samsung Omnia W i8350 Focus Flash i677 Review
Samsung Focus Flash Review
Samsung Focus Flash Review
Samsung Focus Flash Review
Samsung Focus Flash Review
Samsung Focus Flash Unboxing
Samsung Focus Flash Unboxing

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Oussama Games: Who watch this in 2018 click like?

Syed10k: Is it a good phone i want to buy one

understatedcore: How come? Have you really ACTUALLY tested the Nokia, and compared them unbiasedly? I doubt it.

kissatkoiria: how?

TotalJargon: That's just WP7, also Flash is becoming more and more obsolete, Adobe has suggested it's dropping support for their mobile flash players fairly soon and more web browsers support HTML 5 video playback than they do for Flash now, Basically Flash is dying a slow painful death and it's only really useful on desktops for Actionscript games now (although even now IE9 for WP7 supports full 3D HTML5 graphics for games so even that might die out soon)

Over Toasted: Has anyone else encountered the bug where the lock screen becomes impassible? Or where the touch-sense, home, and lock/power button won't work forcing you to take out the battery?

dipchit83: No flash support? Why? D:

Abhi Prasad: really? how so?

syed asan rafik M.: yes true, because i am having this one

Praveen Kashyap: Yup Monica i have this phone u can take shot from front

Monika: can you take a shot withfront facing camera?

Clinton Jeff: Not an issue, Windows Phone doesnt support that yet unfortunately.

Apurv Bhatnagar: i have seen many reviews that say that this phone has Bluetooth issues ie cannot transfer files with blue tooth. Is it true?

tm86rs: how? less memory 8GB vs 16GB, 5MP vs 8MP much slower internet...

Jai P: Go for Omnia W .. As all apps are Common for both the phones which are available in WindowsMarket place ..Omnia W has a front facing camera and Super AMOLED , Better Size and sensors and Most of all Omnia W is much cheaper

Adrocks Smash: Lumia 800... ofcourse.... just dat samsung has a secondary cam.. thats it!! i wud sugest nokia!!

nirbhay_vikky: Help me out please....On the basis of Applications, which one is better? lumia 800 or omnia w ?

AndehX: @iAnimationProduction not quite, but definately a top notch phone.

Srihari Manoharan: @crazy12525 you will get update after launch of windows 8 for PC

crazy12525: hey guys just a quick question.....pls help me....i got this phone recently...and i love it...can i upgrade my phone from 7.5 to 8 when it we get that upgrade for phones running 7.5 currently ?
Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Review 5 out of 5

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Thank you

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Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Review