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Vetriux Noble: the cake is a lie! ToT
Natali Chernenko: С Россией какие слова можно связать кроме водки самуй дес 😭и медведи 🐻 кругом
Zadakleader635: jiaqi has made many knockoffs of robosapien ever since the original one was made, i have 2 of the other versions produced back then, Robone and Roboactor super, there´s also an older version of this one as well which just like robone and actor super just sounds like a regular robosapien, just much more distorted...
Mindblazter80: Then happy building! =)
Overdrive Game: Damn my video looks smoother now
Kreml25: Озон сильный токсический газ,вызывает при постоянном использовании и концентрации тяжёлые последствия вплоть до летального исхода.
Tech Gasm: Is the base good?

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