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A List of Cages Review I #DiversityBingo2017
TBR | #DiversityBingo2017
TBR | #DiversityBingo2017

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Na Estante: Wow, I met this "challenge" through your channel and I stayed very very excited. I'm a brazilian booktuber and obvious that I'll go to participate in 2018. Thank you ♥

cammy -: I forgot the name of the author but "Not if I See you First " is an incredible book with a blind main character !!

Alyxandria Ang: AHH so glad you're joining us in the reading challenge. I've gotten some great recs from this video :D

Amanda Watson: Great video! This is such a great reading challenge. You have so many great choices and it's cool to see you picked some of the ones I'm going to be reading 😍
If I Was Your Girl, Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the Girl From Everywhere, Every Heart a Doorway, Everything Leads to You, and The Absolutely True Diary are so good!! Can't wait to see what you think about them 😊

happycomesfirst: Ooh, Sara has said that A List of Cages was amazing so can't wait to hear what you think of it as well! Haha omg I can't believe we have so many similar books! I'll be excited to share my thoughts with you :) Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens wasn't on my TBR but it's one of my priority books this year! The Lara Jean books have such gorgeous covers...I wish I loved the books as much as everyone else seems to D: ALSO TOTALLY RANDOM BUT YOUR LIPSTICK COLOUR IS GORGEOUS, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?

theblondarchives: Wow this is amazing! Such a huge TBR! =D

Vienna Books: I love this video so much, I would give it 100 likes if I could - so many great recommendations, thank you!!!

lorne baird: you always have the best reviews!

Bibliosaurusrex: Im personally really excited for When Dimple Met Rishi but im definitely adding a lot more books you mentioned to my tbr!

Meagan Precourt: This is is fantastic! I got so many recommendations from this!

BooksWithWings: I'm so excited to hear about all these fantastic books and your thoughts on them 😊 I'm so happy you're doing this challenge and I can't wait to hear what you think of The Girl From Everywhere especially, but all the other ones as well! Brilliant video💜

McKinlay's Bookshelf: The book I read for a non western real world setting was "If You Could Be Mine" by Sara Farizan. It takes place in Iran and it's about two girls who are in love but it's illegal there. It was great.

A Bibliophile's Dream: all d bst fr ur diversity challenge this year, since m a new reader so can't rec. any book & m not even participating in this challenge, m jst gonna cmplt my goodreads goal ( that's my first ever taken up goodreads chllng). :)

Blessedbeautmd: I've read EINTY, Homegoing, and I am Malala and they were fantastic. Great TBR and thanks for introducing some new ones🙌🏾. Happy reading 📖!!

Irish Reader: I hope you love If I Was Your Girl! Transgender representation is so amazing in that book and the psychological aspect is also so greatly represented!

RDB: Fantastic TBR! I haven't made an official TBR yet, but I will just read like I usually do and naturally hit a lot of the categories. halfway through the year I'll see what categories are left and then start doing some targeted reading.

dreamsBOOKScourage: Kudos to you for doing this challenge! This is so important and I really appreciate all of the diverse recommendations that I got from watching this video! :)

The Sloth Reader: I won't be participating because I wanted a low stress reading challenge (so I made my own goals) but 100% on reading as diversely as possible every month anyways so in that way I suppose I am participating

Vera: There are so many books you've chosen that are on my TBR as well! :) Great video! ♥

Pucksandpaperbacks: Happy reading! Great choices, Sandy! I'm excited for you to read Simon and SOBH! I will be reading Push Girls for Diversity Bingo, too!
#DiversityBingo2017 | TBR 5 out of 5

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Na Estante: Wow, I met this "challenge" through your channel and I stayed very very excited. I'm a brazilian booktuber and obvious that I'll go to participate in 2018. Thank you ♥
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