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Noel Osagie: Hi, this is good but we need to know how to register and download software for the first time. nice if you can just add the video. thanks though.
LegitMan335: So awesome I love Rescue Force
bair kothmann: On the beltre jersey is the name crooked or was that just the way the jersey was placed
다크리벨리온 DR: 우리집이 저랬으면...
OSCAR SANCHEZ: Those products will make a lot of money.
Kani Fuker: I purchased a watch press recently off Ebay and worked a treat but may get one of these to add to my watch tool collection. Thanks for uploading these Bunn, appreciated.
B and H: Just below one of the legs is a small loop/eyelet that you can then insert the clasp-hook side of the strap into. The other side of the strap has a buckle type fixture that is intended for you to wrap across all three legs once the tripod is in the folded closed position. - Yossi