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Dylan Stone: life after death confirmed by scientists August 17th 2016
Peter Lawrence: Why are you whispering?
Riviera Construções: how many time it cost to power on?
Teja Repalle: Who are the commentators? Mats wilander and ....????
Claus Frederiksen: Jeg syndes ikke at du ligner dig selv PS er kæmpe fan kan du ikke lave en video med din hund
tdshaker: Tell that doubleheader guy to calm down a bit, fishing is a relaxing sport. Totally staged doubleheader, staged for the camera.
warhawkBeyond2040: I thought Jeremy Irons did an amazing job as Alfred and he was definitely one of the best things about the entire Batman v Superman movie, i'm really looking forward to seeing more of him in a future Batman movie.