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zachmamaw1: Call me weird, but I love the sound of the Dodge Viper accelerating in this game.
A Healthkit: People are complaining about this, but we don't know the reason for the change, and honestly, the chance is unnoticable, because the new animations were made to look very closely to the original.
VRtechman: That one Verger guy is such an idiot! TAKE YOUR JOB MORE SERIOUSLY!
nmheath03: All the bats have their own banner now :)
J Z: 哎, 我是乌鲁木齐的汉族人, 民族矛盾已经深入骨髓了。 没有办法的, 短期内是解决不了了
Monte Town:  talk about gorgeous......
Sebastian Grain: Meades is so full of crap. How can anyone give him a show.