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Sauroņ Ndg: That type of jayce!
Darren Allen: Awesome!!
투트루머: 위저드라이버 음성중에 일판이 그대로 있다.
Steve H: I have had these clubs for years now, and while I love them, they have absolutely no backspin. My 7 iron is lucky to get 4k backspin which doesn't have a chance to stick to any green that isn't soft. The plus side is I can carry my 7 iron 190+ yards.
Aaron Nicewonger: That first pass at the head, before you had redrawn the face - my first thought on that nose was "Owen Wilson as Luke Skywalker"
Syed10k: Is it a good phone i want to buy one
mochamad auwang: great video.. Hi, I'm from Indonesia, I wanna ask you about how to set up fpv on phantom 2?