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Sara Kindlan-Arnison: I love this! Love how Sam explained the detail rather than just doing it as well as using a flat iron not just a curling iron!!
Канал закрыт!: А ты пленку снял?
Sar5a Stacks: "This has been...a complete waste of your time" laughed so hard at that😂😂😂 love you tiernan😘❤️
Legolas Greenleaf: I love The Hobbit movies and LOTR
Diana Martinez: loved it
Michael Holland: I started playing weaver in overthrow 4v4v4v4 temple, sort of random built a heart sny travels,,, a la wraith king trying to set up teammates.

necrolyte won the game rly hard for us, i think i supported him just being annoying and hed clean up i took it into ranked, low level games, my skill level