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Rodney Palmer: Those are sweet!
Susana Dozal: Can you do a video on how you pack it?! 😍😍
Ralph ditore: the #5 wasn't even accurate past 100 yards, so what with the flip up sight? LOL  I will give the brits a hats off, for the best combat battle rifle though !
rayof 315: It's obvious your exhausted at the beginning of the commentary (long day), but once you start talking chess your energy and excitement seem to quickly return
Steve Harper: I buy them every year on ps3 and 360 incase one of my system boke lol
Andy Slye: Guess how many times Joe Rogan's podcast artwork showed up in this video and I'll give you a shiny new unicorn. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram: @SLYE
Ana Gabriela Figueroa: GUYS!! Animat HAS his own opinions!!! If he didn't like Hotel Transylvania, they don't attack him!!