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mindciller: ccuum on no cyclist is that flexible
dizkoteck: Firearms? Shooting just outside the camp ok?
ThizIzNery: I have one of these but my back cover is screwed so i need to change the cover :(
Hisoka Poker CH: Laggg graffic low
Марго Бурмистрова: Добрый день. Запланировали то же отдых в Геленджике. Что делать чтобы не подхватить ротовирус ? Как принимаете Энтеросгель ?
Roshni Parween: hai
Michael Hansen: My game runs pretty much the same as yours: Asus N53SV notebook, Intel i5 2,3 GHz, 4 Gb RAM, NVidia GeForce GT540M 1 Gb RAM, 640 Gb 5.400 RPM SATA hdd, MS Win 7 64 bit environment - screen: 1920x1080 Super Bright Full HD LED, NFS Shift runs with all 3D fx. activated, in 1440x something resolution, dont know how many Frames pr. sec. but it looks like 25-30 - its really fine, and my soundcard built-in notebook is a HD 24 bit w/proper headphones connected.