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Doris Maradiaga: It is a really nice car I personally own one and it is amazing
ABCsMommy: My husband is allergic to pineapple...what would you recommend as a substitution?
swirve productions: @alhajrif Its a wrap mot painted
Ganesh Devadiga: who said its worth 2 month of earnings ..bullcrap racist review by u arshhole ..just come to india we dont fetch free phone on carrier contracts we change our phone every 4 months .apart from that the reason why samsung got its being the market leader is because of india
Johnteill Bradford: nothing beats the board game..........however if i'm home alone with nobody having the time to hang out i think this is a win
Вадим Васильевич: у меня на мотоблоке родных китайских хватило на год https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWVHSBJ3Xt8&t=101s
Trash Baggery: Hi we did try to see as many of the cast as possible, but it is difficult because we have to fit in with their schedule. So unfortunately this time around we did not get that chance. fingers crossed for next time.