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zombiejambo: hi Edwin now we seen your face glad to see what u look like
Raymond RAYCE: How do I use the lanyard? Stupid question I know haha but seriously. Do I hang it from the clip? Can't really put it through the loops next to the tail switch since the lanyard has no open/close, just teo solid strings...
Andy Mason: The bigger thread under the yoke is spring loaded simply push down with your camera exposing smaller fixing thread which is inside the bigger thread
WTPWDSMG: what a crap video
vixad: Yep that what I do
TheChocolateflute: Disappointment at European championships and now World Cup. He has proved so much about himself.
Игорь Владимирович: она вообще не фокусируется на дальних объектах, говно а не камера