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Kelvin Verbeek: aboneer aub
Ivan Barron Romero: Y pasado ayer ósea el12 fue mi cumpleaños 🎉 y si me regalarías algún día un cargador por favor
King Music: อยากได้ค่ะ
Anonymous Chicago: Hello gr8 video i was going to ask you a question in this one it has the Games of Star Wars and Pacman and ET? 😊
dusanee boonlop: 刚到不会忘记
Haylee Davis: Just so you guys know.. Literally all of The Hello Flawless foundation colors look yellow. I brought it back to Ulta for that reason, then tested some different shades. Maybe the base color is yellow. Her foundation warmed up to her color, lucky her. Mine oxidized so bad, soooo sadly Benefeit foundation is not for me I suppose.
ninjago creators and games: Cool