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A-Jam89: Jack Chick was a Jack ass.
twitchster77: I can't decide if I'm going to jump into this game...or imperial assault. I already play (and am heavily invested in!) x-wing,, so only want 1 more miniature game for now.
I like assault a lot...and LOVE that I'd be able to play in solo (with an official FFG app for your phones)...
But I've always wanted to get into a full blown miniatures game like legion...plus I love painting minis.
So I'm torn lol. I'll likely end up with imperial assault...but dang...legion is SUPER enticing!

Mike Schultz: I think your problem may be your scope not your hop up. I have this gun, stock, and out of the box it hit a quarter sized target at 100yds with iron sights. Once I added the scope and got it sighted in, I'm able to shoot individual letters printed on the target (provided the letters are around the same size as the bb, or it takes out a few.) I can put an entire mag into the bullseye, minus bad shooting technique shots (bad breath control, trigger pull instead of squeeze, or the occasional anticipation jerk)
Sadie G: thing is huge!!
Серёга Карымов: Пастараюсь скачать
фокусы и флориши с картами Курилович: если есть не нужная колода подари я буду очень рад
ZacharyChanThe3rd: @JackWagonTV You obviously do not appreciate good films.