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Jidan Floox: this video reminds me when i was 12 years old trying to mod GTA SA
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Dima H: Wird man mit diesm exploid später wohl auch psp Spiele sielen können? Danke für dein schnellen support.
Hierosolyma: Ahah people react like they know the man personally. Calm down...... he's not running for president. And keep in mind that nobody is perfect
Jroshot 914: It's cool the music gives me chill vibes
CrossThread Aero Industries: Great info backfiller vid - after many intro vids, this one covers some questions I didn't even know I had(!) Fills in some gaps - thank you for the share.
MrsWilliamTheBloody: Nice smile, Dan Newsome. I also really like how you always looked at your partner and acknowledged her even existing...