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Liza B: broke and in debt. govt thought it was a fantastic idea to leave billions$ military equip for the bad guys and possibly a how to video on u tube how to build dmocracy. good luck card
Alex Donnett: Why did mazda accidently put the drivers seat and steering wheel on the wrong side?
Jannis Berry: Nehmt doch für eurer LS eine Blachholechest
Grace Balzer: I focused my BA in psych research. There were a couple of other things that stood out to me in that “study.” The first was the sample, the participants. It was far from a representative sample, so therefore it could not make any real claims. Second it just gave the numbers and there was no real statistics applied, without the statistics how do you know that the “results” were significant?
William Spears: Looks comprable in size to the Tamrac apache 2.2 which is a tad small for me i use the apache 4.2 most often
Robin Lindner: I pray for the passengers families!! GOD BLESS!
HardAvenue: ► Links to the bluetooth speakers we listed: