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name: Great to see creative Simon still doing his thing. 🤘 50-50 on the spine looked so fun
Deborah Lyle-Doyle: My father raised TWHs...he's long since passed, and I haven't owned a horse in 25 years or more, so it's a joy for me to watch such a beautiful gal like this move. Thank you.
David Schwimmer: Before had got Horus level 8 and 4 instantly but spent over 2k trying to get level 6
2ダンディ: How nice!
Candy Ritchey: I love this on SO many levels.
lydia vliese: Hi, Kate. You said wonderful things. Tortoises are slow reptiles and some of them can live for over a century or even longer than that. Salamanders can grow back severed limbs. Festina lente, "make haste slow" is what Augustus Caecar liked to say. Healing hands possess a favourable life force. People with such hands are gifted. Psychic healers may even be called "divine"or " holy" (major arcana no. XIV). A dolphin's body i.e. its skin is extremely sensitive (like a clitoris). These mammals hate it being locked up in a dolphinarium. It's the devil who "speeds" people up. Working too hard (10 of wands) will send them to an early grave. The devil is an evil force. The chopped-off head of a venemous snake is extremely dangerous, for it can still bite you. Our old enemy is "dead-alive". The Star takes a holiday. She's free  and "goes slow" (like the knight of pentacles) to get mentally as well as physically whole and well again: "Ah, je veux vivre!" She deserves it!  Bye.
BRIGHT BRIGHT: ผมศษย์หลวงปู่มีคับ บ้านผมอยู่ข้างๆวัดมารวิชัย อ.เสนา ผมเคยรอดตายเพราะหลวงปู่มีคับ