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The Downshift: Did he say there's a seaking on board?? It comes with a helicopter!??!
Dipika Guha: is glutathione ultra advance 1200mg safe n to be done in the same manner?
Cnupoc: a few days ago I was scrolling through the channels on TV and i ended up watching the movie "Sarajevo (2014)" which is concerning the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and specifically the investigation. Marvelous movie and throws a very very interesting perspective on why World War 1 started.
now i found out about this game and im glued to it. Going to get it later.
The great war has just started for me and it's sucking me in.

Stratos Kagias: Hey Phil, I am doing a project in school and when I paste your code it displays some errors that I cannot fix. If you can please send me the code because I really need to get the project done and your videos have been very helpful to me. Thanks a lot, and don't worry, I won't publish your code somewhere, I just use it as a reference ;)
Joshua Saravia: +ArtiFex Creation what is the name of the transition you use to change the minifigures' faces? I like the stop-motion animation and I would like to know. Thank you!
flkoolguy: SEMPER FI!!
CyberGirl8: Aldershot badge! My grandad is from aldershot