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Kay Lovee: This movie was good but the detective didnt take the kids
www: the right way to go is to type all your recipes that way if you rip or stain a page you can just print out a new one. rerwiting recipes is a chore
Frontier: I always wonder why they made Kit Onyx instead of giving him back the Dragon deck... I mean, the Onyx deck just seems to go with Adam more anyways.
Gulshan Rozieva: Добрый день да роботы вокруг нас
sriharsha sudharshan: Lol , that lady is so excited for powerstar 😍
bypbop: Thanks for your reply and your advice can you tell me if i can use 3 output of the ws2803 with a transistor as bd139 on each output ?
ПОКАЖУ КАК ЗАРАБАТЫВАТЬ 120 000 р В НЕДЕЛЮ: Крутое видео,но у меня есть лучший способ.