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Lyons Road Trash: are lose girls yore
Эррон Блэк: говно
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luzon83: Mit Helium wird man leichter, nicht schwerer. Daher ergibt das schon Sinn.
andy94: I did hate it the first time I saw it, because when I heard that it's coming out I pretty much expected perfection. But now after every watch it grows on me more and more. I do think that what Joe tried was a little risky, and the biggest problem with setting the major part of the movie in a theater was that everything happened too fast. The character development was sloppy and the movie got no sympathy from me on that last key train scene. The scene was perfect, but no... it didn't make me cry
John J. Rambo: ill stick with my tawatec e.o. diver with tritium technology...does all I need it to do...clearly tell me the time day or pitch dark night without pressing a button.
dontknowmynameable: VOLL COOL!!!!!!!