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Adrian Keith: Two years on and this review was spot on useful. Thank you! Great installation video as well.
Emo S: bullcrap :)
TheBluesprofessor: I have no wish to bash a pathfinder pot.  I got a zebra pot over a soup can because soup cans are just temporary and don't hold up for long like either a zebra or a pathfinder pot. With a bit of high temp spray paint on the outside of any pot they will heat up like nothing else.  with the lid clips you can bake in a zebra pot and that is not easy to do with a pathfinder pot. I do think it comes down to preference and what you want to get done with what you have. I think I get a better value with a zebra pot for my use.
tuyen ngo: hihi
joker ling: how to change the language to T.Chinese / English ? cuz my default is Simple Chinese....
jason voorhees fangirl: wrestling star ist mein lieblings zombie
anybodycanart: I bet when she was swimming she didn't look this unhealthy! No one can be honest..sad. Her story isn't so sad...she's only 24 and had a break up got fat...then cheated to win...I'm so annoyed with this show now.