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Carl Cuttone: Im looking at buying a pair on ebay. They are $300 on ebay. Is that a reasonable price for the sneakers?
Austin Remone: Civilization Beyond Earth Cheats & Trainers FLiNG   http://gamehostia.com/pc-cheats-civilization-beyond-earth-trainer-fling/
DT Prisym: That old Unsolved Mysteries theme <3
Andy Sunny: Hola Grace. Porque tienes las uñas pintadas amarillas en un tramo del video y rosa en otro?
Muhammad Azhar Bin Abdul Wahab: "Hayate is all mine!" -Kasumi Alpha (DOAD) Hahaha..guys that its! it died..its a clone they killed. So Kasumi did escape the place..! Those versions were old days when DOATEC creates anew clone. <3 Kasumi <3 When will you return my Heroine? :(...
aash 007: i want to buy tb500.. so lemme know it's exact mileage and fuel consumption details
Steeve Ah Fye: Chaque hotel a sa specificite. Sachez que lile maurice mise beaucoup sur la haute gamme. Bien sure on a des petits hotel aussi pour les vacanciers moins fortunes. Des bungalows privee sont aussi de la parti . Certain arrive a rivaliser avec les grands hotels. Cherhez du cote de louest de lile a tamarin. Bon sejours