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George Andropov: Awesome!
charles fournier: nice stove but you do realize it's not a gasifier its just a really nice camp stove 
Marival Pedro: ficou sem o audio???
Master Blaster: Bit small volume for both drivers.
Feragga: Thanks for sharing! you're one of the few having a video for harmattan pr1.2. Can you show a video with the biggest changes? I'm also interested in a video showing if the general speed/response has improved with pr1.2. Thanks!
aimizu526: ห้าๆๆๆเป็นอธิการบดีที่ไหนค่ะ ฮามากกก ธรรมชาติมากค่ะ
apples bleach: is there a new way for macbook version osx sirrea?