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mcbrucie: Thanks!
Avohkii: A Harry Potter advent calendar would be cool
DehanNKL: long tube headers + decat + no resonator + no muffler + big cam
Harley Vone: I've used this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product product and I have found that it works to help you lose weight. This product is worth the money .
iRAWT Designs: Awesome job! I saw The Review Spot do a sticker pack review for Strange Kids Club, and I came across your video.  
Charles Earle: It's easily the best sports car the US has ever made. However, deep down it's still a corvette. It doesn't matter how fast or grippy or amazing it is. It's an amazing car, but there is something to be said for its competitors in terms of feel. A C7 may be every bit as fast as say a 911 Carrera GTS, but it still can never be one. It doesn't have the same quality and refinement and essence that its rivals from Europe have. In the others it feels like there's a sense of occasion, like the car is something truly special, but corvettes have never had that. Does that mean that it's somehow worse than the European cars? No. It just means that its being just as fast and much better performance for money doesn't mean there's no excuse for choosing another car over it.
BellinghamsterTrail: The shows on the Celebrity Solstice seem to be a notch above what you usually get on many cruise ships although many ships have improved their shows in recent years. Having the perfume counter girls dressed in feathers performing Rat Pack Medleys just doesn't cut it anymore. Great video, I am looking forward to seeing the shows on the Solstice for myself.