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Rollin Dirty On Rails: Hey there Gregg thanks for the informative vids they are great!! One question, Im building a 30ft by 30ft layout and was wondering how you did your power supply for your layout? Do you use more than one transformer with power districts? Or do you use just one power supply with a bus line and feeder lines all the way around your layout? Also what DCC do you use NCE? Thx again!!
Mika Chan: Го взаимную подписку?
danny pateman: whats top speed while on the road for this thing ?
Maxwell Sheffield: Read reviews by others of this working, this same collar i bought does not. In test mode microphone appears faulty and probe sensitivity seems weak. A further issue i find with the design is that it relies on the probes to sit on the dogs throat; with two dogs that wrestle its constantly getting dislodged. For the price i expect an absolutely reliable product. 
NMRawker: Wait! You never said what you used the red bricks for! I know but...........................
Archie: what a pin head. that was rage extreme
진니jinny: 쿠션 얼마에용?