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SurperKitty: I'm getting a border collie on my exact birth day in 2017 22 jan
ntaplin: how long does the bubble bath last?
Tristan Bandayrel: I just watched the Western Bulldogs win the grand final... Gosh... I wish it was us...
Erica Bevel: What if there is not a blue wire coming out of the fan? We are trying to replace the remote, the dog chewed up our other remote :(
Cinnabun bun and Ukelebae :3: Its funny bc now its closed down plus lots of greenery and houses are near it now 😂👍
Beatrice D. Hagan: It is possible to remove your cellulite completely in 22 days by taking multi-demension workout and have the appropriate eating plan - without having medication - all in a natural way
Fred Thompson: I love kof xiii but snk pulled the same card by locking three alternate versions of fighters so if you wanted them you would have to pay $5 each.