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darkartproductions: I probably would've kept that hand too. The shuffler has me in deathly fear for my life.
Brie Russell: Wow Haley Joel Asmond really sucks at reviewing games.
Henrique Machado: friend, I want to buy a laptop that, however I use my computers, usually for games, so I was wondering if this laptop has a good video card, and the gameplay of games like Titanfall it is good ... Thanks!
Мария Мироненко: Люди почему так мало лайкав девушка старалась снимала видео. Видно как она счастлива. Давайте наберем хотябы 1000 👍
Dogepocalypse: I don't think you wanted exploding batteries...
bing12345678901: i've got the same boat,,,except outboard,,,,love it
mrtecnhimuyo: i think I'll watch sub