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Jetlimaster007: sry m8 bif you make a rewiew in english least speak so we can understand :=( 
Lunatic Prime: Does a 5 mm peg fit into the whole at the bottom of Cosmos' alt mode?
I'm just curious if you can use Cosmos like the new Combiner Wars Scrounge.

xXDeathBladeXx 55: these brushes are fake
vvav: Out of these I think I'm most interested in the Maiden. I like how it seems to be designed for throws off the tee.
Wayne Martin: I’ve got one of these and it’s great, I’ve got the 1 litre engine and it’s very adequate for my needs. It’s a great motorway cruiser.
I would highly recommend this Motor.

gman2015: My first upside down coaster! I rode it with my brothers when I was 16 cuz I grew a pair!
Compa Cheo: Aye bro how’s the st treating you? Reliability wise etc. you recommend one of these? Heard one today was loud asked the dude what his set up was he said muff/reso delete.