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Sepiks Perfected: HI FELIZ
NPC Master: มีแฟนยังครับ><
Mikeskating749: saw this dude at venice beach skatepark filming an ad
Laura Bonengel: In my opinion, the only thing that looked good was the gloss and the mascara.. Those shadows had zero pigment until you added the liquid, and the bb cream looked like lotion, I didn't see any coverage from it at all. It kinda feels like, to me at least, that you were trying to find something good to say about each product because your friend sells it, but that was just the impression I got from it.
Dan The Goodman: Hey when ever I change a setting in the tweak tool it does nothing inside of parrot, know what going on?
Thalys and Rafael :): You showed your address
tulius01: Maybe I'm ignorant but how do you know what type of jiggler to use if you don't know how the real key looks like?