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Raymond Hollingsworth: Great review! I've got to find this system in the US that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
David B: Your wife let you buy it???  LMAO!!   Whats the CG?  What size battery did you use?  Nice video.
สุนทร โกมลวานิช: สนใจอยู่สวยดี
Nguyen Anh Viet: sorry to hear bout your beared tho XP
1kzrider: I want more great job. Just put together 3 rebuilt 5 watt panels from harbor freight together. Shows 20+ dc volts on meter in direct sun per panel. Going to hook to battery with power converter dc\ac. Is series best setup or run all power leads to power on batt. and all negative to negative terminal>
noopur bhatnagar: thank you...
xdan: Daud debunked.