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Tammi Moore: when I was 8 I was In school and I was going to the door and then I hab to poop so I asked and I held it till the end I got on the bus and when I sat down I pooped and I had to pee so I peed my pants
Sleeping bear: Clay wars mod
kamelayaz Kamil: may allah bless you shiek Yahya
Awp Racing: Giovanni non riesco a fare a meno di vederlo!!! Un abbraccio Luca.
HeyGorgeousxxx: Loving everything doll! :) xo
KILLER DESTROYER: How do we fix the microphone all that pops up are vids about trrs things and fixing 1 side of headphones.
That motorcycle guy: You talk endlessly about the rubber boots, there not that important!!! This kinda stuff makes me ashamed of my hobby, a 3 min vid of a fatass talking about how well designed a peice of silicon is and all the zip tie features STFU!