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Friscos Channel: Omg! completly redesigned! :-[
Tonya Simit: Can you please do a video on what you back when you are going to do a job. Like say a wedding? Of course you don't take everything, what do you think are the essentials?
Harris Lauritsen: PBG I think that it was set in 2003 because Uncle Rico is always talking about 1982.
Marley Fresher: I respect everything Rob Ski does to inform the public about AK's and their durability and how to properly use and clean them but as a proud owner of a RAS47 I haven't had any problems with mine. it works flawless for me. As for the durability controversies about stamped, American made Century Arms I'm not gonna be dropping my gun, running over it in cars😂😂 and burying it in sand and drowning it in water so mine should do just fine to last me my whole lifetime and pass down to my son. I see people bashing Century Arms all the time but really when are you gonna be using your gun in those type of situations? We're not at war and you are most likely not a damn navy seal so to each his own. The RAS47 is a fine piece of equipment to own. Thanks for your info and videos Rob!
Fu If: Great review! Keep on making them! Do you mind reviewing Spotify? Thank you Sir!
Ciara Is Weird: First
Pha'Ni'Yah LOST BOYS: @bass777100 กด Alt+F4 ไปสิครับจะได้ตื่นพ่อคนโลกสวย