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inellipsale: what?!?! is this the essence. is this what i've sought all these years?
the truth is a vicious lie! ;;;; it's not, it's just reality
everything i've sought for 12 long years.. everything... this world's corruption. its false morals and fake sympathies, why can't they see it? why don't the people of this world want to learn the truth when it's right her;..e.e... in front of you.
fridaymonday, i have witnessed such audacities for generations. i've heard tales of existences like yours from my predecessors. existences that dissappear into history. soon a new era will be here. and the door of the era shall be opened by the girl who stopped you from achieving your goal.
this is the door... of the era. what do i want? what's my desire? what i desire from the era, the one thing i want most of all, that's easy, i already know.
when we became one i understood. you never enjoyed killing but there were no other options. you had no choice but to protect yourself from the malevolence of this world. when you killed you were stricken with sorrow. every time you suffered more, your pain worn out of kindness, you're a kind killer.
lady quansita..
i'm going to be keeping an eye on you. ;; you're stupid ;; huh? ;; i said, you're stupid ;; so what am i supposed to do from now on? ;; well, i'm not too sure, but i do know one thing ;; and what is that ;; i know that i'd like to eat some pasta soon.. yea, pasta

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成井裕子: Fdxvfcbnvhjv.##4677/6554323%556643263346*6%356/*45*#5*:^)
Lena Andersson: AMAZING🎤🎸🎶Love it💖
D Watchman: big shoutout to strap code! WOW! I don't see anyone topping this...well done!!!!
Saski Ushiya: Сколькоплатить
The Warlock: You seriously didn’t play WoW