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El Iv: Эх, девченки, мудрость приходит, то поздно..
Dream Melody: Hey Das, go back and play Saints Row 2 and you'll get the Gist of what's going on.
jesiel new: Linda moto!! ta salgado o preço, mas. linda moto...
KT Bhutia kungspoo: Hello...vikas bro..its my first comment on your vlog.
which one to buy Re.thunderbird 500 or rc 390.And i love long ride so which one to buy😞😞😞

Christine Joy Bohol: Hi sir madali lang po ba makahanap ng employer ang babae? Magkano po kaya papatak ang sahod ng mga babae sa south korea? Thank you po and God bless
Scott E.: Well...I don't know what I did. But I can only use the 3 wood for my created player. I can't change clubs. And when I go ahead and use the 3 wood...when I get the ball on the green the game just freezes. I've completed all of the Legacy Challenges. And I've reached level 1 of TaylorMade sponsorship. I HATE to have to start over again with a new created player. Any suggestions?
Снежанна Зайцева: Напиши это к трём видео задержи дыхание на 5 секунд и на ноге будет монстряшка