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JTR: So did Kai become white at 15:06?
Shea Butter: what a cool cat
Peter Anderson: These usless freakin dyno runs freakin piss me off. Thanks for wasting my time. What's the point in watching this?.200 what? Kilowatts or Horsepower?. Foot pound or Newton Metres?
Michelle D'costa: Loved this book Jen. Even I hogged this book in two days. Wanted to know what you thought of Sarah Moss writing from a male pov as we get into Adam's head in this book. Thanks.
Наталия Остапенко: "познавательно" до невозможности. ну и лектор!
jeff snitzer: always a beautiful day in the neighborhood
Аманжан Саяхат: у меня телефон тоже такая, недавно купил
Есть одна проблем у меня вспышка синний как это убрать