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รัก แท้: สวยมากเลยครับ
protect your 2nd: I wonder how the LC9s measures up?
Alex M: на верхней полке пассажирский поезд, а не товарный. В контейнерах типа купе и должны фигурки сидеть
Alex: 2:11 Behold Reed's mathematical Genius!!! How does he do it 365 months a year? 🤔
Unique Tiffy: How long do you bake your nails miniature Polymer Clay and at what temperature 
Anna Bucciarelli: I followed your brilliant instructions and fabricated a delightful little graham house to place atop Jesus' Birthday Cake which we enjoyed on Christmas Eve. Your was the best video I've seen with such clear and easy instructions. Bravo!
Sunset Sky 125: テリーと舞は同じネオポケKOFからの使い回しだね。