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TheScottishChe1919: I found this video when it came out... I've watched it about 100 times since then... I still have no idea what this guy is on about, but he's great.
Aqworlds Scepchulere: Ikr good thing you know it.
יעל עברי: מעלף
Y-it-Earp: Its a technology thats been around for years although now we have the options of it running over many protocols.; Handy if you cannot be arsed to de-ice your car in the morning but id imagine having your cars warranty voided by someon;e messing with the wiring loom isn't as attractive as it sounds just for this. Plus i have the luxury of a two car garage anyway
Skidz1818: I got this rifle about a year go and i love it, it really is one of the best .22lr on the market!!! but mine came with iron sights, and rails i dont know y your didnt
Elizabeth Cumby: Love it!! Now can you recreate it on me because I'm makeup challenged? 😔
Андрей Варвянский: Скажите мы с женой хотим приехать жить в Польшу. Не заработать а именно жить у нас 4-х летний ребенок на какие виды работ устраиваться работать чтоб с 8 до 17 и 5 дн./нед. работать? Ну просто чтобы хватало на квартиру 1 комнату и на еду ну и на выходных отдых кафе или что то без грандиозного? Сколько нужно на двоих?