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glenntapar: there's no trx door anchor?
granskare: I think  you  could use one of the assembled trackage, and the other where damage is displayed...perhaps that is what was considered.  Magnesia could be in Anatolian part of Turkey - google time :)
ManUU: I recommend: http://excellentcheats.com/eden-eternal-cheats/
manuel quintero: this figure clothes can be removed??
Linh Phan: Were you driving with just low beams on in projector headlights?
JC Denton: I bought this videocard on amazon, is good?
Samuel jeriko .B: Cool list Jesus. The first 3 Ratchet&Clanks were platforming bliss..but also Rayman Revolution was amazing on ps2, even though it's a rendition of Rayman 2 which was a platformer that had already been around a long time i think it's worth an honorable mention