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Don Bernat: Three years down the road and I just love the IC-7100 that I just purchased. The only complaint I have is that the programming software does not come with the radio, and is not available from ICOM.
18tangles: Hello when you did Marilyn in 1963 what camera did you use then
Valerie Smusz: I literally laughed out load at Lisa. Who uses pre-made taco shells? And watch it fall completely apart as she crunches into it! Pft. Really?? She's not a chef. She's a box-cooker.
miles albers: Lego universe ended ; ( it was meh favorite
Anthony Jonaitis: Thank-you for your service, Michael.
Charles Welwyn: to get your s4 unlocked 100 free go to samsunggeeks .us
Jenna: She's too posh. This is a terrible portrayal of Honey Tanberry!