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BRIGHT SIDE: Hey guys! I'm a true book lover. And you? Which book is your favorite?
Jessie Owens: Wow
Omer Tapdiqov: #00:08 olum azında siri demiyor hemde sonda boys=erkekler diyor!!!
REI DEEN: ลายมันอยู่ได้นานแค่ใหนครับ
Romario Ayala: @blazzin3287 Spliff or Maestro?!
Max Headroom: I am British I hate all our soaps especially Eastenders I stopped watching that years ago too depressing. I hated Bullseye and Countdown. Best Drama that came out of the US was ER that show was awesome it had characters and storylines you really got evolved with.
Cepz Christ: ganti aja selogannya jadi I LIKE SLOW...