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Ulyana Danylyshyn: I always love your shirts haha great video
Isaiah Williams: How was "Marry Poppins" not nominated for Best picture?
Серый Волк: а на winows 8 с тактовой частотой процессора 1.10 GHz будет работать???
Carson Volk: LMFAO "I like Donald Trump, I just wish he wasn't OUR president." That crap was GOLD
Alain Giannini: Hello ,i have a concept with 7,5j,now have 12-16j...is possible arrive at 20joule or fac power ?
Anthony Taylor: Bernie sanders is a socialist like Nazis.. Yea he is jewish and wants to legalize herb.. Hitler said the same kind of crap to get put incharge.. Liberals are dangerous they constantly contradict themselves.. Such as police shouldn't stereotype people but all women should be believed!! Insane people.. Most the women look like a purple king zurceese furby or troll with patches shaved in its head.. Sick people 😂😂
David LeBlanc: The SeaDragon is one giant chamber? that really does surprise me