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DIY Daily HD: AJ’s Reaction when the Goasts talks
Pj Slots: You had a great room. Nice review, but what a great view of the strip. I heard you say 22nd floor but what is the room number? I am staying there in August 2018. Thank you
cowmilkshakes BJ: #clonewarssaved
OG - Mehmet: abı huawei Y3 ıncelesene
Privet.fr: Будет. Уже выпустили кактус с гидропневматической подвеской
Alex-Zander Browne: Are you Welshe, or from a part of England that's very close to Wales.
oldcarboater: Sweet combination:  R129, M119.  Doesn't say year, but if early 90's, is the high output.  I have a 1999 CL500 mit M119, and they are high torque sweeties above 55mph.  No need to floor it, and will climb past 100mpg and keep moving.  My wife's R129 had the M113 and it flew, even much better than the CL500, since had 1,000 lbs less to pull.