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Sick Nasty: How Long WaS thAt Child staRing at Me¡¿
Geovanny J. Alfonso: what set of armor is that?
ITHEKILLERI: You could make a maze with the trees
teamSKDM: @23like yeah, the grip is very durable, and teh ooutsole is thick. but the smalls fit a size too big, and the mids fit half a size too big. but when you get em in the size that fits, they skate really good.
Tom Dalmau: Hey thanks for the reviews; I ended up buying this board after a fair bit of research and it's working great for me. I'm catching more waves and hitting sections I haven't been able to for a while. Cheers!
Cameron Christie Plays: BRING YOUR KIDS!
JM Gaming: thanks for the viruses and new computer ;)