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Digital2Film: I Agree with just about all the movies on your list, I've noticed I'm looking more forward to movie that aren't sequels or remakes this year, other than star wars of course. But I really hope that this year we get another Whiplash or Birdman, just something thats new and creative, but that probably won't be until the end of the year.
Jay brown: cool stuff tochatto .com
Kronos my account got hacked: If you're using Izotope for mastering a mixdown. The ATH-M70x is the way to go.
Andrea Gallovics: Elbűvölő!!!!
MaryJustice Lucas: @hollyYMBB Thank you so much!:)
Razali Anwar: Kelakar betul la kau bro buat toturial apa2. Tp seronok tgk. Terbaik bro. Dari Malaysia ni suka tengok video kau 👍
FFK7Shade: It's really dark. I like it.