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falsepride: I've been waiting since Doc Hollywood and Tommy Boy to see them. I wish I saw them when she was younger.
Andrea Patane: You cleaned up those floors like magic. Keep up the good work. I've got a vacuum cleaner just like that only it's orange. It's the Dyson Ball. My parents have an upright vacuum which is red. It's also a Dyson Ball.
Joshua Cooper: why are you saying apple pay?
Shadows82: With Jarvis becoming vision could that mean that in order for Stark to control his armor in battle he would have to finally use Extremis on himself?
Ngalula Dodier: This video was very informative and for under 50 bucks that's amazing! I can't see how someone could have something negative to say.
steven schmidt: i liked, please choose me for the josh cribbs,card.if not I will take any card,anything will help
Abu: chan  plz help..  can you tell me how to root this tablet ..plz plz so that i can solve google issues.... and  i downloaded their latest firmware but how to upgrade it.. imei issues??