The Story Of Scarlet Briar [Guild Wars 2 Lore]

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★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - The Origins of Madness - Scarlet Briar's Journal
★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - The Origins of Madness - Scarlet Briar's Journal
Guild Wars 2 - Scarlet's war
Guild Wars 2 - Scarlet's war
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★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - Edge of the Mists pre-story
Gw2: Origins of Madness Story Summary
Gw2: Origins of Madness Story Summary

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Carbyfed: Thank you very much for this.

Crunix kruznix: Where's this kind of intensity after living world season 3?

brucewillis2: I forgot about captain kiel.. I voted evon gnashblade!!

A Mother Fluffing Dragonite: Music's a bit loud

Fahad Al Suwaidi: The relationship between Scarlet and Mordemorth is very similar to Varesh and Abaddon.

Don't you think?

Jessia Medeiros: Thansk a lot! This LWS look really nice. it's a shame they didn't care about making it in a way we new players can experience it ):

Kylie morrissette: im kinda confused about all this. why did scarlet do all this? what was the whole point of this? why does she hate the pale tree so much? Im still so confused

Liam Vaughan: Lions Arch needs to get destroyed again... It looks horribly plain, the old Lions Arch looks so much better

Carl Anderson: really great story :)

mihajlo Nedeljkovic: Why they call her scarlet if her real name is ciera

S. V. Newell: I hate I missed ls1 and 2

Blacktar555: I was looking all over youtube for a video that tells the story of scarlet and summarizes the events of season 1 since i've missed it.. this video is so epic and amazingly done! keep it up.

Yllisne Prideseeker: This is awesome, thanks for publishing that ^^. I've started to play gw2 recently and I was so curious about this story, thank you so much!

Pancio KaSlaanesh: Many thanks! For me and ppl who have gap in season 1 living story.

Paula Martell: You know as I keep looking at this vid, I feel Ceara was like Kovthe from The Name of the Wind, only she would eventually lose her mind xD
Again, AMAZING work!

Paula Martell: This is awesome!! I needed it to fully enjoy LS2! Thanks a bunch! :)

DocCovington: It's really hard to understand what you are saying, especially for people whose first language isn't English. Try to speak more clearly in the future, please, and with less of an accent. The video is a great summary, though, for those who didn't participate in the event.

AlienFirefox: i wonder if anet will bring this back so we can experience it again. obviously the drill destroying lions arch would have to be chnaged so la doesnt get destroyed again but still i'd like to play it again.

ranker4: I so miss the old Scarlet events. Too bad Anet wont bring those events as replayable.

Edward A: interesting, if she had succeeded sylvari would become more like humans
The Story of Scarlet Briar [Guild Wars 2 Lore] 5 out of 5

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The Story of Scarlet Briar [Guild Wars 2 Lore]