Implementing SSAS Security

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CardiGun: Thank you a lot man! Awesome guid !

Joseph Sargeant: Just wanted to say thank you, this helped me a lot and I was able to implement dynamic security after watching your video

Rohan Girotra: can we implement this
like mapping table has (Userid, Category id)
with user table primary table
and other dimensions lets say product dimension which has ProductId as primary key and categoryId as a foreign key of category Dimension.
so that user will able to see only see specific Product with category

I joined mapping table it with Category id of Product dimension
but it is not working

Pedram E: Audio is not clear

NorCalBully: This has overlapping audio--is there another copy of it anywhere?

Zakir Hussain: Very in trusting, help me in great deal

Francisco Laborda: Amazing!

Dadasaheb Kamble: Thank You for this great Video,it really helped me a lot...

Martin Gatto: Great videa, thanks. I have a question. Whats happen when u have a measures where some measures have to be available for one role, but not availab,e for another group.

what I mean is that I understand that from the role, I set the measure for this is not available (not measure current member is ....). But the problematic would make the measure does not see it in the list of Measures available when the user belonging to that role enter ssas (when do the browse cube). is this possible ?, muchabgente recommended lerspectvas, but the outlook may not be related to a role as I understand.

Kyle Reierson: Nice video, exactly what I was looking for and explained very clearly.

bhaskara gonegandla: You implemented SSAS security is very well. Here I am facing a problem like
if the user connect to cube using EXCEL, then able to read all the data.
Please can you give clarity on solving issue with EXCEL.

Daniel Montani: Nice job
and thanks for the final link

Don Reddy: Its really Great Work...Really Help-full to me Thanks a Lot

Aram Taieb: Thanks for a great tutorial! 
I think I've managed to reproduce all of your steps for the dynamic role. 

However when checking the following script in dynamic-role on the dimension data I get an error:

nonempty([Plant].[Plant Name].[Plant Name].members,
([measures].[Plant Admin Count],
StrToMember("[User].[Username].&[" +username()+"]") 

The error:
Check MDX script syntax failed because of the following error:

An error occurred in the MDX script for the dimension attribute permission's allowed member set: The dimension '[User]' was not found in the cube when the string, [User].[Username].&[XYZ\xyzxyz], was parsed.

For help, click:

Do you have any ideas? :)
Implementing SSAS Security 5 out of 5

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Implementing SSAS Security