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Kari Herrera: I used to have one and I loved it ❤I lost it but i got it at a garage sale so I didn't know where to get it at thank you 😊

Kari Herrera: where did u buy yours at ?

quentin dalton: How much was it

vicious274: Nice!

Spencer Thein: I have an original longboard too! It's the something 40 got it 3 years ago it's nice!

vicious274: Cool

Lord Vader: They have a caster long board with 4 weeks all in a straight line..... It hauls ass timberwolf xtreem casterboards Name is gay, but product is fun

vicious274: @RobbieHornDogg29 Not anymore. Now I have an Original Skateboards Hybrid 35 and a Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Longboard Cruiser.

robbie leadbetter: So that's your longboard

vicious274: @eatsleepandskate1 Yikes!

Gianni Hayre: mine came up to $238 cuz i got it when i went to my cousins i'll post a review on it

vicious274: @liltrev123abc This board is NOTHING like a ripstik.

liltrev123abc: rip stick for short

vicious274: @smashandcrashbros Nice!

vicious274: @godofskateboarding1 Nice!

godofskateboarding1: my grandma got me 1 3 years ago for christmas. one of the first 2 come out i think :)

vicious274: @Navet4ever I hear ya man, but unfortunately at that time I couldn't afford that. Now I'm riding an Original Skateboards Hybrid 35. Awesome board!

Rose Luck: "400 dollars" too much... but you get what you pay for. i bought a 100 dollar longboard at first.. to try, but when i got one of those "400 dollar" boards. the difference is Sooo huge. you really get what you pay for, atleast in the longboard world.

vicious274: @tyko57 It's awesome!

vicious274: @sentar15jr Nice!
Pumprockr Review 5 out of 5

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Kari Herrera: I used to have one and I loved it ❤I lost it but i got it at a garage sale so I didn't know where to get it at thank you 😊
Вадим Касьяненко: Дима, я конечно по объективным причинам не могу быть на таких встречах, но мысленно, всей душой и сердцем, я всегда с тобой на всех мероприятиях. Такие мероприятия очень важны в нашем деле, когда ты заряжаешься той атмосферой и энергетикой, через истории других людей... это дорогого стоит и за деньги этого не купить! И, я не теряю надежды увидеться со всеми Вами и с тобой ОСОБЕННО...

No Drugs Br: Vendo o tanto de gente que já sofreu nas mãos do cotoco yi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk é fácil counterar um picka um lee sin ou um Jax que é gg se manjar
Kemarie Bug: how do you clean the underside of the filter
+CSGOPlus+: Im early 😃
Debbie Polignone: Thank you for sharing!
Brygada Rr: Taaaaa, na pewno !
Prawda jest taka, że mamy bardzo życzliwe dla przestępców sądy i to jest problem!

Pumprockr Review