Ray Park With Makoto V3 Saber~

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Ray Park with Makoto saber
Ray Park with Makoto saber
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Makoto v3 GX saber comparion
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陳泓銘: 達斯魔上身

mike839453: Ale napierdala jebaniutki

GamingBrad: Can the saberstaff be divided into two individual sabers? Or is it a whole piece? I've seen Saberforge have a coupler to add two blades together, but I'm not sure if this one does that too.

Jennifer Garcia: Ddddaaaannnnnggggggg!!!!!!!

Alt+Doom: How can anyone not like Darth Maul?

petesbigpants99: OUTSTANDING Makoto....looks AMAZING!!!!

Greg Dumont: what taget is he hitting, that would be awesome for training

Gary Good: Nice to see the old man still have some moves left.

SpaceWindu: Holy crap! Darth Maul plus Makoto Sabers = AMAZING!!

swhero4mer4jesus: The master himself

Alex CC: D:!!!! AMAZING!!

Michael de Guzman: If it wasn't for the Maul character, would we even know who this guy is?

Ninja Dash: Awesome dude! Congratulations! That is high praise

Dave Hartman: Awesome saber skills. Wow. Awesome saber staff.
Ray Park with Makoto V3 saber~ 5 out of 5

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Justin Morton: Electric blues cuzz
Шахматный Фанатик: 256+ залік. цього випуску як виявилось ще не бачив.
CynderSpirit Dragon: The Pokemon Dance Mix sounds so much better in this trailer, the one for the soundtrack was good to. But for some reason the song in this trailer sounds different it had more hype, energy, and emotion into it. Maybe it's just me but it does sound different.
harout hopar: OH....MY.....GOD..... That Challenger was just INSANE!!!
Elizabeth Mc-B: Very pretty model and great concealer. Lip gloss looks good...please name that shade!
Disco Volante: Darkseid's Theme is the truth.
RobThePoo: all i can say that ive had these for around 4 years now and they're still working perfectly fine

Ray Park with Makoto V3 saber~