PumpRockr Review And Never Been Done Tricks

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Vera Du Toit: speak up lad

Samherman: I made a homemade one and it's awesome, you just didn't do it right

dreadful goose: dude r u sponsored by dis

that person from that thing: I made one and it works great and wich reminds me I need to get a bigger caster so the board will be level

TrickerAssasin: shut up this is pretty cool

173: 4 kids tht dont hav the balance 4 a ripstick,and dnt hav the time 4 a skateboard... ;)

sk8masters1123: @nalgaface123456789 wtf hes talking fine YOU must be from another country

Peter Schroder: I didn't think anything could be worse then a rip stick....

Steven Alexander: this is like the ripstick but for the handdicap

khaluu2000: Eh i'll stick to freeline skating instead >_>

Jack Woods: Gaaayyyyyy

Tyler: how much do they cost?

Chris Goodfarb: you spek like sh** and please do somthing else

Sebastian Mora: 360 pop shuv didnt count i could deff tre that

nalgaface123456789: No not you retard (slaps his forehead) Are you from another country? Because if you are that would explain your god awful grammar, I dont even know what you are trying to say Can you please write sufficiently well for me to understand?

nalgaface123456789: because they are always calling people racist and that makes you a racist

Dave Fink: you can and should do all of that crap on a real skateboard wtf is this kid don't go down this dark path of ripstick pumprockr queerness. and the funnest thing to ride ever is a skateboard

Dylan Bipat: this is like the begining of the caster board

Dave Hussey: props for the switch flip

DjComplex72: ssssssuuuuuuuuppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr lame....sorry....just get a real skateboard....don't let them fool you
PumpRockr Review And Never Been Done Tricks 5 out of 5

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Dwarf Zerker: What tank holds 1500psi?
PvP San Lassie: wolf wnats the D
Markx Crosvera: i cant believe that u have a birdhouse willy santos philippine flag tech deck!,NiCe!
Meredith Mena Cordoba: Hola, se que publicaste este video hace muchisimooo tiempo jajajaja pero quiero saber para que utilizas la magnesia, osea que funciĆ³n cumple ?
Hector Roman: someone sat on his Lid I would be pissed lol
Marlon: fake
sana S: So cool

PumpRockr Review And Never Been Done Tricks