Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns

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NeonSunset: You obviously aren't very good with video games. The jumping is fine, it can be annoying at times but it isn't that bad. The camera is a little buggy. You must not understand the game that well because if you did, you would realize how disturbing this game actually is. Please just don't talk about video games if you're really this stupid and uneducated about them.

Angel Smith: good review, I very much agree

BIG BOSS: @Archy506 LMAO...

sh4rpeXtreme: hot female avgn wtf?

Nully: By the way , it's obvious that you're not a very good video-game player . You complain about things that are actually pretty solid in the game . I'm not a fanboy , but please , if you're not good at games , please don't review for the sake of attention . Let the pros do their job .

Nully: It's sad to see americans that don't know how to talk their own birth language.

abirdkilledmeh: You look great! Interesting vid! :)

ryuman757: nice Google pics

CardiakBaller: Hootttt !!!!

a mindful cat: @Utubesuxmyrooster but that was- *sigh* never mind..

BIG BOSS: three words i want to freak

sneakster1978: I was a huge fan of the original (even now). I loved Madness Returns, except for the same reasons you pointed out. Sometimes the camera angles and loading mid chapter would annoy me to no end!

samjustsam1: i think i will like this game cuse its so different then anything ive played in awhile. will play the original first tho.

samjustsam1: @SOLIDSNAKEXXX360 thats just rude of you. her hair looks fine.

LightningGmr: Okay it's been bugging me, I recently got a ton of figurine and I was really wanting to know exactly where you get your display cases. If you could reply and give me a link I would appreciate it. Thanks so much for your time.

GatoBatracio: I thought you were a natural blonde, what if you let your hair black, you sure look good

Freak Video Gamer: I personally didn't have much trouble with the controls, but if you played the 360 version you know about texture hell in all the London parts, I was disappointed because of the lack of boss fights, unlike the first one, the story was awesome and i am really glad they made the sequel, but what I would love is an Alice game that was even darker, and gruesome. but that's just an opinion. P.S. great to see another Alice in Wonderland fan!! :)

Dave: I think this game looks great, but if the controls aren't that good I'm a little disappointed obviously, but when the price drops I may very well get it.. but there are so many games that I like the look of at the moment that I'm not sure which ones to choose, because I don't want to use my money on all of them!

Xander Crease: I'm almost glad Madness Returns isn't a "must buy", even though I loved the original A.Mcgee's Alice. It's hard to keep up with games these days. So many games laying around the apartment that haven't even been played yet let alone finished.

Gregory Glover: I seen you on g4
Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns 5 out of 5

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Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns