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LCalvertJD: What about highlight and then the unfortunate laugh lines?

LCalvertJD: is your beauty blender wet?  Also why a beauty blender and not your finger tips

Happy angel: 40 is nothing ladies, wait til u turn 50 like me, thats when the crap really hits the fan ....enjoy your 40's !

Hayley *: Thank you Stephanie. I too am a Bare Minerals fan but also like the Bobbie Brown serum foundation for a natural glowy look x

Dogi: Lovely. I do love your beauty marks though, they get hidden by the makeup unfortunately. Your videos are great, thanks.

Topazthecat: Your lips are still full.

Melanie Derrick: This is fabulous and is so helpful thank you! I just watched while applying my makeup and it turned out so nicely. I needed something new and fresh and your tips really helped. I subscribed and clicked on the bell for notifications. 😁👍

Ferry Anolin: 40 is the new 30

Penguine Penguin: Fantastic video, thank you! Cost me a fortune in new products 😂 but it’s been very helpful indeed 😊 thank you

Teresa Watson: I just saw your video and love the Armani eye tint. However, it's way out of my price range, and Nutty is discontinued. Do you or anyone else have any other dupe suggestions? Thank you! ❤️

Mari Willdermood: I just subscribed because I’m 40+ and I love how detailed you are in explaining how to apply makeup to achieve a more youthful appearance. The color corrector and concealer placement on and under the eyes is something I never really thought about until I seen how it lifts. The eye comparison you did demonstrated that. Thank you for sharing these tips, I will be trying them🙂

batty Azem: Thank you for this beautiful look and helpful tips!

S Rivas: NARS eye primer and NYX Proof It eye primer are THE top eye primers for oily or hooded eyelids. As long as you don’t cake it on it does not crease and i don’t find I need to set it as the eyeshadow(s) I put on ‘sets’ it.

Christy Loomis: Ok, if you have rosacea you don't sensitive skin and eye area like me. Luck you!!!

thotbot5000: this is helpful because every time i look up natural makeup its always instagram makeup minus eyeshadow and lashes. im not into typical teenager makeup like i used to (lipgloss, shimmery stuff) because it looks bad on me and i used to do insta baddie makeup and literal drag queen/club kid looks and id shave my brows off when i was like 13 but idk something in me changed and my anxiety makes me want to look as unnoticeable as possible. im 15 now and idk i want to be taken seriously and i want to get a job some time. maybe a baby sitter like my mom. idk theres something about natural makeup that i love :/

Klyn: Whole lot of steps and tons of product for a “natural” look.

Liliana Guerrero: I like this because it actually looks normal and natural unlike most videos many women have made. Thank you!

Agnes Jacquet: Hi, I am catching up on your videos and the MAC lip liner came up several times. Love them. What color are you using? (We have a similar skin tone). Unfortunately the link defaults on the first available color.

Kristi Heath: Do you use a self tanner? If not you use a bronzer anyways? How would you pick something like that out for fair skin?

Wendy French: Ok I’m watching this again to learn more about every day makeup looks - do you still use the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream? I’m going to need something soon and believe it or not the Rewind is dry on me (probably use too much) so I need a cream that keeps concealer in place and doesn’t dry out (who doesn’t need that?) I also like how you line your eyes but the brush isn’t on Target’s site anymore - I hate when awesome things are discontinued. I love how you give the extra oomph above the crease - that’s what makes your eyes stand out - I could never figure out why mine seem “flat” no matter what I do - now I’m going to try it!:)
Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Over 40 Beauty 5 out of 5

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Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Over 40 Beauty