Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
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smetiska: How can someone dislike a Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorial?

Rina Amalia: I lovvveee thissss

Perfumaphilia: A slightly grungey smokey eye will always be my favorite makeup look. I can't stand flawless Instagram makeup.

Suzanne Moogan: That is a very beautiful smokey eye, definitely is the best on YT thanks Lisa, Are your eyes upturned??, mine are upturned almond, do you need to use less inner eye kohl for that shape as I always love lining my inner eye with kohl.

samrah fatima: can we apply dark lip colour with smoky eyes during daytime if we have a bit tan skin ?

PekzRalte: Beautiful ❤️

FlyingMonkies325: Uff... still too advanced for me but id love to be able to do it, i love the whole all way around smokey look, it would look great on me too having dark brown eyes with a hazel tint, similar shape eyes and a younger face, everyone makes it look so easy but i have issues with just blending lol.

Patricia Willson: You are very likable. Thank you for the help. I will try this for my date tonight.

theresuga: Daaang you had me until eye pencil. They just suck into my crease within 10 mins...

Faye: anyone knows where I can buy a cheap dark gray eyeshadow?

Paul C: Cute top!

Lys Rangell: I was 13 when I found this channel,is 2018 and I'm here to do this look tonight. ♥ thank you for all this lessons and inspirations ♥ you're very important,even to people you don't know.

Teresa Robinson: Lisa is the best!! I love how she uses makeup to enhance your beauty and not cover your natural face.

Andrea Calderon: Dear Lisa:
With such beautiful eyes it is no wonder why you can spot the good looks in makeup.
Can you please tell me if this tutorial would be acceptable to wear at a military ball?

Belinda Rix: This was the first makeup tutorial I have tried on my face and I loved it! Absolutely beautiful, but very intense for my personality, it's a look that is very sexy and bold. You look amazing with this look Lisa very smoldering.

Jean Kilos: That is what u call loveliness. Perfect. Thanks 4 teaching us.

Veronica Stewart: I don't think you can do wrong when I comes to makeup. You're amazing.

Anonymous Anonymous: Stupid video

this is not me: I Love how you're always enhancing the best features of the face instead of wearing a lot of makeup. Thank you!!! This is what I was looking for.

Winstons Julia: I think I watched this video 6 times already!
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial