Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial
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Classic Black Smokey Eye Tutorial
Valentines day tutorial! Classic smokey eye!   Jaclyn Hill
Valentines day tutorial! Classic smokey eye! Jaclyn Hill
Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye   Jaclyn Hill
Classic Bombshell Smokey Eye Jaclyn Hill
Classic Black Smokey Eye for Beginners
Classic Black Smokey Eye for Beginners

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Anne Sm: Thank you for your videos , Lisa. Without you I'd still be using tons of makeup on my face because every beauty "guru" here on youtube wears too much makeup,making it look like a norm.

陈芋头: Umm I wonder if anyone could help me in the comment section.. I have quite round face, it makes me look quite young like a kid although I am twenty something, and every time I do smoky eyes I look like a little girl trying to look grown-up... Very awkward. Does anyone have a solution for that?

Elea Moulin: challenge policy patch tdqznlk fast shoe visit real least schedule recommend.

MultiBigbird01: Even the simplest of looks created by you are so inspiring for me. I'm so going to try this out. Taupes really suit me so this would look good. I have noticed though that you never use what youtube beauty gurus call 'matte transition shades' in the crease. I'm guessing that isn't a necessity is it the way beauty gurus try to make out?

Bilyana Vitova: Have seen countless smokey eye tutorials, but I found this technique wonderfly simple and wearable...
What would be the absolute minimum number of brushes that can be used for this eye look?
Thanks! xxx

Deanna Le: I love the simplicity and clean beauty. Classic is underappreciated these days, especially in the U.S.

green koko: Lisa please suggest a good nude for Indian/Pakistani skin tone. The one you use would be too ashy for us.

Zay Make Up: Hello, this is nice :) Stop on my channel if you have time. Ciao

Person Finch: When she says she hasn't even done her base makeup yet and all you've been doing is admiring her flawless glowing skin 😭😭

Elea Moulin: Limitation any find participate way lens attraction.

jess jesse: 3: get awake ladies ! Femalpower ! Reset or turn it back ! Let compleetion return & remove the lies!

Debbie Debonair: You are BRILLIANT! Such a good communicator.

six six: Is there a tip on applying bottom smug eyeliner with puffy under eyes? Anyone :) xx

Klara Vidrina: Natalie Portman

AlishaL: I love this make up so much, but underlining my lower lid instantly adds me 15 years. I also never apply mascara on my lower lashes because I have dark circles which no concealer can fix, plus deep sockets.

Lexie F.: I remember knew someone tellin on the store here
My brush arrived yesterday and I like it so much! Super soft and easy to clean

Aqsa Beauty: Love it girl

Kylee Roe: Love!

Fifi Trixiebelle: How do you make sure your eye make up doesn't melt or smear?

xu caroline: U r a true makeup artist
Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial