Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Smouldering Smokey Eye
Smouldering Smokey Eye
♡Smoldering Smokey Eye Look   ALHSANDER♡
♡Smoldering Smokey Eye Look ALHSANDER♡
How To Create A Smouldering Smokey Eye
How To Create A Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Jessica Phiefer: This helped me so much thank you. Now I can go out tonight with sexy eyes!!!

Its bunvall: her voice annoyed me a little but nice tutorial!❤️

* Bluecherrypop Msp *: I look like a freaking raccoon

Maryam Bibi: dos'n

Laura De Crausaz: thanks so much for a very through demonstration. I feel confident on how to make a smokey eye and applaud you on the prep work you showed before you start the task of the smokey eye transition. I've seen many video's on how to make a smoke eye, although they leave out the prep work which really helps the smokey eye stand out. Please keep it up and look forward to see how to make those glamorous cat eyes and lashes.

Modesta Magdula: very nice

Joseph Garvin: my name is maya to😲

jesse riffle: i did this kind of challenge using a dollar tree makeup palet

Emily Jordan: That is really cheap for make up

Julia Babiarz: Wow this is such a gorgeous make up look 💖 do you mind viewing my channel and perhaps subscribing 💖💖💖

carpriece jones: I liked the video

carpriece jones: wow the model looks like katy perry lol

Brandee Davis: I just love your videos! I just started getting into wearing foundation and powders and primers and moisturizers :-) could u please tell me how I can make my face as flawless as yours??! pretty please? I have large pores that you can see through my make up and I'd be ecstatic if I could figure out how to do it like you could you please help me? thank you so much! ps I think your gorgeous :-)

Marisol Cabrera: love it!!!!

Wakeup & Makeup With Ty Simmons: Gorgeous look. ❤️

Rachael Jost: This look is so pretty. It's very glamerous.

Vanja Radanović: she's like "it's only $48" and I'm over here with $2 like "ok...😔"

InTheNameOfBeauty: Hello people,I just started doing videos on YouTube and I will really appreciate if you please take a look at them and subscribe thanks.
Smouldering Smokey Eye 5 out of 5

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Smouldering Smokey Eye