Smouldering Smokey Eye

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Chloe Dussault Desbiens: That stuff is not for beginners I tried doing it and I look like I have a black eye !!!!!!!!
plz do an easier Smokey eye tutorial plz I sub too for you 😛😛😍😍

yoongi's kumamon: I did this and ended up looking assaulted.... just gonna grab some chips instead..

Benny Bodash: So pretty! Thanks for all the valuable information. Another fine job

Esther Lalfakzuali: Wow its great, i like it...

Tanveer Latif: Your lips is soo pink and beautiful

Mary Yelle: Nice eyes look loved it ...but I guess the colour of the lipstick that you choose its doesn't much :/ may nudes are butter with smokey eyes :)

Lord Voldemort: I'd be too scared to smile in case my face cracked.

Emily Padula: it totally helped with my Sarah Sanderson costume

jesus000: You look beautiful!!!

M MNZ: Lovely ❤️

Kim Hamaidi misshazelicious: Good quality eye makeup 2018 still trend thank you

Peaches and Mae: I just discovered your channel a few days ago and I love you already! 😍

Shabana Lutchumun: U do your eye tutorial well because u hqve the brush which i do not have

simi sk: Lovely video. V nice narration. Ur beautiful

Madison Z: Oh it’s just only forty dollars I am rich but for the poor peeps that’s a ton

chelsieuk smith: Looks lovely but very time consuming. Your have to do mine for me

Shraddha Khule: Wow!!!!

DINA STAT: Υπέροχο!!!

Jasmin: This has been the hardest tutorial yet, I looked like a dam clown who got beat up! No Bueno!!

Iman Drif: Cnhshhedfhsjdksdklkjwxujwkakxchkqshqwiurwhdfhhwusduhfhehwuufisfhdhsjdufhsijfjiosfjjdsjhxhjushjsjfhjksdkfhskdifjhsofkjjhshjwjhdjksdhuiwhdhheudhjdmdjchjksz!kkxkxkxkl

Smouldering Smokey Eye 5 out of 5

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Smouldering Smokey Eye