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Dale Martin: But how did you calibrate it within the camera settings?
The Silverton Killer: Blue phone, blue case, BLU brand, lol.
Mr Maniac: Mine is not turning on now stuck in boot loop
Amu S: Innocent and eastend snob
형아시로: Watch out for the left hook!
TJ Hitch: What wood did you use for the top and sides (not the 2x4)? I'm making a very similar project. How many coats of paint? Is it holding up?
lily gillespie morton: i had this set when i was a child and it is truly classic and most excellent. i built an expansion off the kitchen side. i agree with all comments that lego should create more house designs. however, now that i am returning to legos as an adult - i found several house designs available. i notice that this video was posted 4 years ago. it seems like lego is listening to feedback from the collectors.
this house design is more simple than the modular houses in the creator editions - in a good way. i like the use of basic brick pieces rather than custom brick pieces. as a child - i learned about structure building and playing with this set.

ВЛОГ: много вишни и влюбленных корейцев))