4 Weirdest Ways To Curl Your Hair

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Savannah's Show: It does work lol­čśů´╗┐

Holly Disbrow: By mom has the second one and it works´╗┐

A daydreaming girl: The secret curl actually works really well´╗┐

Sara Gerges: I have the second one and you have to pull the hair out really gently and slowly if you want it to curl´╗┐

Mayleen N: THE best thing in life is having a beauty break marathon...´╗┐

Amaya Paulino: the second one worked fine for me´╗┐


Lila Dornfeld: My sister had the second one and it does Work´╗┐

Jaecee Hale: wheres lily´╗┐

Lena Janssens: Before guest status when steep range online minimize ahead.´╗┐

Ellie Lytle: I used sponge curlers when I was a cheerleader they were absolute hell to sleep in´╗┐

Zoecoffey Coffey: The last curlers your supposed to have your hair wet then you wrap your hair around curlers´╗┐

Sorcha: Is Irish step dancing in America the same as just Irish dancing? Like I'm from Ireland and used to do irish dancing and use those ahahaha´╗┐

Anais Whittle: I have a sparkly purple curl secret and it works really well xx´╗┐

Pez Jamaa: The episode that saved this show´╗┐

Brook Calley: I have a Curl Secret and I love it it works well´╗┐

natalie goodson: Joslins face dough´╗┐

Hanna Catanzaro: I own a curl secret and it's the only thing that will curl my hair and make it hold a curl. I loooooove mine´╗┐

XxUnicornxX: Omg I love Meghan so muchÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆ´╗┐
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4 Weirdest Ways to Curl Your Hair