Flawless Foundation/Base For Clubbing

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Flawless Foundation/Base For Clubbing
Flawless Foundation/Base For Clubbing
My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine
My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation First Impressions Crystal Conte
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation First Impressions Crystal Conte
Flawless Foundation Routine ♡ In Depth Application Tutorial
Flawless Foundation Routine ♡ In Depth Application Tutorial
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Flawless Drugstore Foundation Routine + Contour & Highlight

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Manel Farasha: i love you girl you are so so beautiful <3

Jenni Velazquez: Te pintas hermosoooo😍😍😍 me encantan tus ojos enserio estás muy linda ;)

Kamojini Kamojana: U r toooooooooo pretty

Chrissii247x: Hey there Lauren I was just wondering what exact brushes you use in this video as the link isn't working for me great video btw :) thanks 

Melissa Lee: Thanks for this video I'm going to a teen club Monday this is what I was looking for 

Monique Shaw: I love the background music she uses on her videos

Stephanie Thompson: You seriously just saved me and your tutorials are incredible and so detailed!❤️

Sara Mahdavi: I honestly don't know what I would look like if I never watched your videos. I am a huge fan and have watched all of your videos, you have taught me everything I know about makeup and I constantly get asked where I learned to do my makeup and I say from your videos. You have inspired me to possibly become a makeup artist, and have highly boosted my confidence. (Im not a cow by the way I made my pro pic a cow when I was young and don't know how to change it lol) Love you Lauren, your flawless(:

TutorialsByAndrea: Wow, great tutorial :)
Would love if all you girls could come check out my clubbing tutorial feat Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Mac Ruby Woo :)

Rosanna Mezzatesta: That stupid laugh. 

Frenchie: My favorite girl on youtube.
Love your videos, keep going
Xoxo <3

Nour Nessim: Hey lauren I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and they're incredibly awesome but can you do me a favor and make a video about full face tutorial with smokey eyes for prom night because my prom is nearly on the edge and i wanna look flawless. Thank you (: 

Itsel Reynoso: How long lasting is this? will it sweat off?

Tyler Stevenson: Gorgeous! You don't even need makeup!

BlackOut LPS: no...your good !!!.grat job!!!

Carly Taylor: This entire video just seems very defensive and constantly talking about how heavy makeup is ok when clubbing...... who cares if some people are negative about the amount of makeup you put on???? No need for the constant defensive talk the entire way through the video....:/

collab.undecided: Could you please do a video on how to dance at events like this? Thank you! xx

Elli Skouf: +Lauren Curtis marathon again!! such a beautiful human being.. lots of love xx

HeyyyyItsNicki: Who else thinks she looks better with no makeup. People say that to everyone but with her shes literally flawless and doesn't need any makeup

Christina Wong: I love all the details and how thorough you are, both in explaining and physically showing us! You're a great teacher.
Flawless Foundation/Base For Clubbing 5 out of 5

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Mauricio Tapia: Does anyone know the song in this video?
WaWoWieWa: do the same with the YN-460 II LOL... does not only 38 but also 53... more light then the 430 and cost about 44€ here.. bought a few to shoot a few huge events and was quite amazed with the results.. worked quite well with the triggers, didnt use my speedlight 900 there... no need :) all 100 iso shots
lunacy05: @nemesispeaugh That i have to agree as well with the wings, it'll be great if the wings can be folded down :)

Flawless Foundation/Base For Clubbing