72 Hour Bug Out Bag UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 3

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72 Hour Bug Out Bag UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 1
72 Hour Bug Out Bag  UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 3
72 Hour Bug Out Bag UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 3
My 5.11 Rush 72 Urban EDC/72 hour Pack
My 5.11 Rush 72 Urban EDC/72 hour Pack
WHATS INSIDE: The Seventy2 Survival Kit
WHATS INSIDE: The Seventy2 Survival Kit
NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan's Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW - PART 1
NEW! Best Pre-Made Bug Out Bag? Dan's Depot Adirondack Survival Pack REVIEW - PART 1

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BearFootWanderer: Just my breakdown and a few observations.

-Tactical Tailor Operator Pack ($150.00)(2lbs)
-Coyote Brown Grimlocks x2
-Becker BK7 + Multicam Combat Master Sheath + Original sheath + Camo Wilson Wrap + Magnesium Fire Starter($165.00)(2.5 lbs)
-Firm Grip Multicam Gloves($15.00)
-Fingerless Wool Military Gloves
-Blackhawk Balacalava($20.00)
-Knit Cap
-Ear Warmer Headwrap
-EmberLit Titanium UL Wood Stove($80.00)
-Multicam Boonie Hat($25.00)
-Thermolite Reactor 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Liner($80.00)
-Mechanix Wear Woodland Camo Gloves($20.00)
-Fancy Ass Pillow Case($15.00)
-SOL Emergency Space Blanket($10.00)
-Woodland Camo Military Poncho
-Hygiene Kit
-Fremont Knives Farson Blade Survival Tool($40.00)
-Paracord 100'($10.00)
-Nite ize Tarp Clips x4($15.00)
-Gerber Exchange A Blade Folding Saw($30.00)
-U Dig It Folding Shovel($20.00)
-Badger Outfitters Ultimate Survival Pocket Chainsaw($10.00)
-Contractor Trash Bag
-Level One Emergency Mylar Tent

Roughly- $700.00+

-Eberlestock Half Track Pack($250.00)(6lbs)
-Condor MA26 Gadget Multicam Pouch + Generic Binoculars($25.00)(1/2 lb)
-Fire Force M4A1 Double Mag Pouch + Leatherman Surge ($130.00)
-Condor H2O Water Pouch x2($70.00) + Nalgene 1 Liter x2($20.00)+ G.S.I Glacier Cup x2($15.00) + Esbit Pocket Stove x2 ($30.00)+ Solid Fuel Tabs + Nite ize S Biner + Multicam Frag Pouch($5.00) + Lensatic Military Compass + Random ass lid for glacier cup( with water 7 lbs)
-10 mm Locking Biner
-Bridgford Rations x15 (80 to 100 grams each= 3 lbs)
-Midland GXT GMRS Radio x2 ($250.00)( To talk to himself) + Tactical Tailor Radio Pouch($40.00)(1lb)
-Mora Light My Fire Knife ( Collaboration not Conjunction numb nuts)($50.00)
-Vestergaard Lifestraw($20.00)
-crap Ticket Rolls x3
-Light My Fire Spork
-Ziplock Bag + Water Purification Tablets + Can opener + Electrolight Tablets + Creamer + Sugar + Coffee+ Bouillon Cubes + Salt + Pepper + EmergenC powder(1/4lb)
-SteriPen Adventurer Opti
-Condor Single Pistol Magazine Multicam Pouch + 5.11 Atac L2 ($20.00)
-Cliff Bars x2
-More Solid Fuel Tabs
-Frontier Emergency Water Filter($3.00)
-Hazard 4 ( Not Hazard 8 numb nuts) Broadside Pouch + First Aid Supplies ( I can imagine he has no idea how to use) ($35.00)(1lb)
-Ranger Safety Glasses
-Wilderness Survival Playing Cards ( So hand can play with himself)
-Wilderness First Aid Pamphlet
-County Comm EOD Robotics Breacher Bar + Kydex Sheath ($55.00)(8.2 oz)
-Ontario Knives USGI Machete + Rothco Machete Sheath ($55.00)(2lbs)
-Maxpedition Cocoon Pouch x2($35.00) + sunglasses + Survival Kit/ Fist Aid Kit/ Knife
-Ziplock Bag + Poison Ivy Cream + SunBlock + Chapstick + Bugspray + Energy sheets
-Ziploc Bag + Paper Half Masks(1/2 lb)
-Ziplock Bag +Blackhawk Shemagh ($20.00)
-Lifeline Emergency Poncho ($5.00)
-Tactical Tailor Utility Pouch ($35.00) + First Aid Supplies ( Better hope he packed a nurse in there, I wouldn't trust this freakwit with a bandaid). (1.5 lb)
-Spyderco Mariner Salt Knife ($100.00)
-Ka Bar BK11 Becker Necker ($90.00)
-Koppen Reise T15 Down Mummybag ($200.00)(3lbs)
-5.11 six by six pouch ($35.00) + Ziplock Bag + Dynamo 4 in 1 radio($35.00)(1lb) + Goal zero accoutrements
-5.11 six ten pouch ($40.00) + Pocket Survival Guides + Ziplock Bag +Waterproof matches + Waterproof match container full of lint + Exotac survival Candle x2($30.00) + Another Ziplock bag full of crap for starting fires + Chemlights x3 + Rolls of wire x4 + Emergency Fishing Kits + Signal mirror
-5.11 ten by six ($40.00) + sea to summit ultra sil bucket($30.00) + Egear solar flashlight($25.00) + Stretchlite sl lantern($20.00) + Orion signal flare x3 + Ziplock Bag + Cr123 batteries + Gorilla tape + aa batteries + aaa batteries + crapty ass knife sharpener( oddly enough, the first one yet) + Gerber Omnivore flashlight($30.00) + all weather notebook ( doesn't know what he is gonna write down but everybody has one so he got one too, awe how freaking cute) allweather pen +silicon cloth
-Ziplock Bag + 3 pair of socks + 2 pairs panties
-Large zip ties ( possibly for auto erotic asphyxiation)
-Goal zero Guide($150.00)(1lb)
-Freshbath body wipes
-New testament pocket Bible
-Energizer night strike ($70.00)

Now cost: Roughly-$2500.00

All together:
Roughly 45 lbs of unnecessary crap.
Roughly $3200.00+ of unnecessary crap.

Dear Buggingin.

Thank you for being the inept, insecure and easily influenced role model the internet needs. It's hard to tell how many people you have saved from going down the path you did, a path of unnecessary expenditures, waste and acquisition in the name of preparation for an eventuality that can and shall only be survived by sheer will, determination, an ability to adapt, a keen intellect towards ingenuity and a resourcefulness along with a hefty set of balls, and to all that followed you down that road pay attention.

Unfortunately for you Buggingin( and your followers), these things cannot be bought at your local Home Depot or R.E.I.
However, may your insecurities be eased until that fateful day when all those trinkets you clutch and hoard and consume fail to save you, maybe, just maybe you will find what you need to survive comes from within, but I doubt it.

P.s. From what I can gather by observing you, it is clear you have a penchant, quite possibly a fetish towards militaria. You obviously romanticize the idea of self reliance and survival, and the manly men you see in your military movies serve as your inspiration because they represent something that is foreign to you.
Anyhoo, rest assured there are manly men out there and when the crap hits the fan maybe you'll find one to call daddy,

PS3 Films: Bro.... you have soooooooooooo much crap lol super dope crap. But dam your definitely invested!

Wes Griffin: Just plain awesome!!!

Lee Barker: Best vid ever and I have watched thousands thumbs us thanks man

SlyGuy: You will ruin that sleeping bag by keeping it in the stuff sack. If it's been in the stuff sack this entire time, it's already ruined. Down loses its loft when left compressed for long periods of time. You never store a down bag in the stuff sack. I'd also suggest doing some backpacking. Someone who has carried a backpack long distances would never pack all that stuff that you're never going to use.

Doomsday Girl: I love your kits and they are very organized. Keep doing what you are doing very good videos. I carry stuff that is redundant and I love it. I shared these videos on my channel for others to view! Don't worry about the haters.

Noah B The Savage Gardener: You need weapons and ammo. You could add a small .22 LR bolt action and 500 rounds, and it wouldn't add that much weight. That should be legal almost anywhere.

Juergen Edgar Mauricio Oberfrank: Hey Thanks for the video!!!!! Great review! !!! Greetings from Germany

Jaymz O'Connor: I would like to know where you got those booklets

Rudi Wewzow: Hey mate appreciate the vidoe. Its good to see a good look at the eberlestock halftrack as i have been shopping for the right thing. Thanks dude.

Kyle Johnson: Seems like everything take up no space but that bag is pretty full. I think you could reduce this down to just one bag with the essentials. It looks like this bag is meant for months instead of 72 hours.

peter pan: Should be called BABOB - Bad Ass Bug Out Bag.

Graeme Murray: That bag is awesome a bit outta my price range ,although the rush 72 suites me fine just goes to show everyone is different it has never hurt my shoulders . I always enjoy watching other people's bug out bags glad to see you have a sleeping bag this time around.

Anthony Gomez: Nice bag

Random Utuber: At 12:06 what was the black thing sticking out of the pack?

Leo Lion: Nice Bags.I also have a UCO Candle Lantern and a Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston, and made some Char Cloth. Stay Safe and have fun.

Dag Ut: I have to admit you have some impressive gear. But Im abit confused by this. It seems like you have packed for a doomsday, end of civilization. In that case you only have tools for short term survival. What I mean is if your goal to survive the end of civilisation, drop some of your knifes and add an axe. If your goal is 72 houres, drop spare sheaths and half of your stuff. But a very cool video though, thanks for sharing.

SilverRhino-': "U will be deleted and I really don't care" lol well said.

sin gin: great video great bug out bag and some good info nice one

LiberalTearsAsLube: get rid of and minimize ur medical gear, yet another knife, and the other knife, and the other knife, holy crap, all that other crap at the end too... add ammo, youll be ok for 72 hours, and you will be able to sprint with that pack...
72 Hour Bug Out Bag UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 3 5 out of 5

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BearFootWanderer: Just my breakdown and a few observations.
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72 Hour Bug Out Bag  UPDATE 2-10-14 Part 3