Traxxas Summit Review

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Review Of The Traxxas Summit RC Truck After 3 Years Of Bashing

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Desert Jeff: Are you still happy with this product?

Garmshow: Smoking dope during the review my man!!!

Max Doering: do you think i should get one more?? because they are so COOL!!!!!!!!

Max Doering: love the summit have one same colar.

Michael Williams: Respect Bro, but i watch your Vids cos of your girl. shes beautiful well done.

sleep and dream is all I crave j.g: put two pin holes on top and bottom it will slang the water out

Pridemonkey Cannon: the silent way he shut his gf up makes me think he's a dock to her

Brad Jones: I put in a castle sensored 2200kv it's a waterproof and sensored which means it's good for more speed and good for crawling, too :) nice to see the wifey getting involved I think you'd like a sensored castle should wake it right up

Andrew Gallacher: Doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on in that woman's mind.
That face says it all.
"I've made a mistake"

Coy Hawker: e revo sucks summit is much beter brushless summit is better for all train

John Smith: hey man recently subscribed just bought the new summit tqi just wondering what's the highest lipos I can run in it. it's in the mail I haven't got it to my door yet so I want to be prepared. do I have to do anything to the esc to run lipo? thanks bro

zeppie2002: I thing you guys really find a different way to review!
It's more like talking with your friends about the passion that we share.
A girl that seems to be interessed in RC is always good... and if she looks good, it's even better 😉 (it's a pitty she's your girlfriend...)

I would say: you guys go on like this; I subscribed already and I am curious what to see in the future!
Gr from Holland from René (E-Revo driver)

Tip: make a video comparing the Summit and the E Revo 1/10 because both the chassis' look the same, but I think there's really a difference
good luck!.

Timothy p: Hot wife, but horrible review!!!

darkelf1000: her top does not fit .....

rcbasher emaxx: hobby wing 150 amp. ez run. is 100%water proof.

rcbasher emaxx: hey like the review. it looks like that it's a older model judging by the remote. I got mine today. bit as far as a brush less and beeing a Revo. the Revo don't have locking differential or a two speed. both trucks well all Traxxas trucks are awesome. but one key point you should mention is that a monster brush less motor will start ripping up the drive train to.

yesenia avila: how fast does it go

Ali Andisha: damn man. 2 minutes into this and you're still talking about how you're going to do reviews. Just do the review already!

Red Line: IMO the summit is the best rc if you want the best of both worlds and reliability.

Dillan Ristow: It would be cool to see a yeti and yeti xl comparison
Traxxas Summit Review 5 out of 5

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mhs vz: Both. Thank you.

Traxxas Summit Review