120Hz PC Gaming - On A TV!!

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120Hz PC Gaming - On a TV!!
120Hz PC Gaming - On a TV!!
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Are TVs as good as Monitors for Gaming? 144Hz Monitor vs 120Hz TV
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komeon: World of warships lol...World of delusional pricing for its ships, can buy a AAA title for the price of a single ship, those guys need a reality price check! - remember free to pay games are costly!

anyhoo wayback in about 2008 i bought a samsung series 7 tv with a 5ms second response time and excellent color, loved it for PC use! Even at its then hideous price.. in saying that, I've bought 3 cheap models that have come and gone under warranty... all failed 3 or so years.. its disgusting. get what you pay for i guess.

The world landfills must be full of 1000000 of designed to fail tv, no 20 year tv life cycle like old crt tv's. its a rip for joe public.

crayfish: oh yes my balls will be blue

Husain Husain: xbox one x is 1000 fps there is no tv or monitor for it xxxxxxxxxxxxx rip

Jule Rulez: Linus AVOID mentioning "BALLS" in any form or shape....

GoatPower: Wait my TV is already 4k 120hz on my TV WTF

Mark Henry: if i have hdmi 1.4 in my asus rog laptop is it posible to connect it to 4k tv ?

Teemu Heinola: For me, If I buy a new TV! Only thing to matter is the input lag! I can't understand why they can't make that input lag lower! Why use so poor components? Maybe they want to sell that crap again and again! LG is the worst, my 49" TV had almost 250ms! That is just retard TV! My "new" sony have's lag around 20-25ms, much better for gaming! With LG you couldn't even play online shooter games, those "kill cams" ruined all the fun!

Gigsro Uiy: There's a class action lawsuit against Vizio for spying on it customer oh, that's right the hidden camera spies on you. Now I suppose that could be remedied if you know where the camera is you can put a piece of tape on it but that just adds extra work that the TV has to do, and it's all for their benefit because they get to see which brand of snacks you're eating so they can sell that information to other corporations at the expense of probably more input lag display lag and all kinds of b***** that contributes to the deterioration of quality of Gaming which we did not see in the old days will the tube TVs with zero display lag oh, and I might add you can spend the million dollars on the TV and you will never get zero display lag like the tube TVs because all the modern TVs have this inherent problem, I believe even the best gaming monitor for PC as a minimum of 8 millisecond display lag oh, now for us console gamers we are in a bit of a problem for those of us who have very fast I hand coordination and quick-twitch muscle we are going to have a lot of serious problems with this oh, it's like we were created by the Anunnaki and everything is in slow motion for us, if you're one of those Gamers who was always on top of the leaderboards in the Run Gun small map console games then you know exactly what I'm talking about for all you slowpokes go back to sleep or whatever you were doing like trying to spot the differences or similarities in the various snowflakes falling from the sky oh, okay for the old schoolers let's move on, I want to collaborate on the big manufacturers to create a real gaming TV for us quick-twitch very fast I had coordinated individuals of all ages, and no frills setting that basically shuts down any kind of pretty effects cameras smart functions I mean absolutely everything except what is needed just for gaming, we're talking about one single connection straight to the display, and of course a maximum size of TV can't be expecting 50 to 60 inch TVs would low display lag oh, that's why I'm thinking 42in might be reasonable, and right from there but together the ideal Industrial grade TV minimal display lag oh, this is obviously a little born talk for console Gamers who dream low latency TVs, of course oh, now it's pretty sad to find that the Xbox One controller is completely wireless no matter what whether you go wired or battery so there's really no benefits except that you have constant full power, which has nothing to do with direct wired signal of inputs that you make on the controller directly to the console, which I think probably is a suck Factor, which I'm sure is contributing to some amount of latency, so I'm thinking about putting something together really that involves Microsoft and the TV makers to get rid of this crappy lag oh, let me know what you guys think

Roman Vesely: 75¨ Q7FN samsung ist the beast for gaming!

DuaLeaD: "....If you've ever played around with a retina resolution calculator, you probably know..."
LMAO, can't say that I have, Linus. It does sound like a great ice-breaker on a first date though! <3

MECHALIKH Billel: i game on oleds and there is no problem ! stop bulcrapting linus :d there are methods to mitigate that like pixel orbiter on my tv

Antic Templar: so many "buts"

Schmidteren: Been gaming on a Plasma for yeaaaars.. The burn ins dissapear after a while. Never had any permanent.

Are OLEDS worse than Plasma in this regard?

sunny N: 930e can do 1440p@120hz!!!! made a huge difference from getting 45fps at 4k . now getting around 85fps on shawdow of tomb raider. game looks sooo smooth and sharper than at 4k. not using a game mode. standard mode has the best upscaling which will make your 1440p look like 4k. and alot more fps. just change resolution in game setting and u will get 120hz

Sibusiso Maboya: Been gaming on a tv for 4years now ,it's not the best visuals are very poor (ghosting,tearing and washed out visuals etc.)but runs my games great,apart from King Crysis which changes from 60 to 24hz don't know why

Wu吴 子 健: Brilliant analysis....now I know.

Vlad T: Love my Samsung Q8FN best tv for gaming!

twizted3kgt: Love my 4k 50" HDTV for gaming. I play and win at competitive games with no problem. PubG, BO4, BF5, RL...you name it, it's better on a 50" 4k from 3ft away. I can tell you when I'm at work and have to use my laptop for lunchbreak gaming, it's incredibly difficult to see things in the distance as compared to the home setup. Bigger is better folks. Plus, it's a TV as well.

ben benim: who the fk wanna play ship game lol.

Elijah Bone: I have a 1080 TI, how do I set my gpu to run at 120hz?
120Hz PC Gaming - On a TV!! 5 out of 5

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120Hz PC Gaming - On a TV!!