Sony STR-DH100 Ampli-Tuner Review

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Joe Jones: I just bought one tonight...and it a low powered piece of crap....terrible low powered..cheaply made...absolute crap...has very little to no bass reflex...will not "drive" a higher end set of free standing speakers...terrible guys it's not worth the $119. I spent buying this piece of crap....

Colt Lowe: Thanks bro for the video. I just bought this receiver. to hook my turntable up to it. Awesome

Marza Paul: sa sugi pula ,stim si noi cum arata un amp.pune dracului sa cante sa vedem cum se aude

LJ3783: Are those SS-B1000 speakers on your shelves? I have the exact same ones and I'm thinking of running the same amp through them

cpufukr: great for powering outdoor speakers --independent from tv amp or receivers...

manjonning: Running a cheap Audio Technica turntable through a little Beringer phono preamp into this Sony STR-DH100 into a pair of 90's era Bose 201 series II's mounted about 6 feet off the ground and a pair of JBL - HLS620 tower speakers on the floor for my garage set up .. I was going to pick up a tube amp .. but I'm lazy and dig the remote option to much and I was willing to try this thing out.. So Far So Good... Honestly it's pretty impressive for what it is, nice speakers helps allot to but this amp is pretty straight forward no filters or goofy setting.. Bass/Treble Volume and it's really all I could ask for, no need for anything else!

Miguel ramirez: ofcourse you can hook up a powered subwoofer granted it has speaker terminals not just a single RCA input, at one point I had two subs hooked to this beast

Joel L: Is there a way to hook up a subwoofer to this amp?

Michael Grana: I this phono compatible?

ryan e: could i use car speakers with this, and if i hook the plugs and the wires up will they all play

Swansen03: So, this is actually a 2 channel? that makes sense, and then thats what the selector for A, B, or A/B is for, gotcha. So then it actually distributes all power to said channel. thanks for that, been looking around for that answer.

Raymond Leggs: A & B outputs are for multi room operation A speakers in the main room B speakers either in the kitchen or the patio, or if you have a sub-woofer with speaker level inputs, A with just the main speakers B could switching the sound to the woofer.

smashingstuff09: I paid 25$ for mine and its pretty well brand new, really well made receiver

PinoyAbnoy: i might buy this for my numark tt usb

Patrick Taylor: terrific review thanks for noting the remote functions which gave me a good sense on how it can be used with just the panel controls. So many audio units have remote-only functions.

OGDonNinja: Thanks for a good review. Is it recommended to play vinyl through this directly or do I need a RIIA or can I plug it in directly to my Sony STR-DE435?

Wade Langan: Hey, I have the same receiver and it recently stopped working. Could you help me please? When I plug the receiver in and press the power button I can hear the receiver click on but there is only a blank screen. How can I fix this?

Lewis Martin: Can you play music from your iPhone through this? I really need to know as think I'm going to buy one today. Cheers

dreamgear17: does this get any hiss or distortion when on 70% volume

Magoother: @MyVentura09 When a stereo says protect it is protecting the fuses because you have a negative and positive wire touching each other so i recommend you take a look at your wire connections and if you still have problems take it in to get looked at.
Sony STR-DH100 Ampli-Tuner review 5 out of 5

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Sony STR-DH100 Ampli-Tuner review