Spain Vs Netherlands Review World Cup 2014

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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Simulation - Match 3 - Spain vs Netherlands Group Stage
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Spain V Netherlands World Cup 2014 Goals. Highlights. Match Review Day 2
Spain vs Netherlands Review World Cup 2014
Spain vs Netherlands Review World Cup 2014
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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review
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Mike Strong: You're right, should have been 5-0 .
The art of demolition by Netherlands.

Espen Aven Skeie: #ROBBENvanPersie

Henry Mercado: I'm dutch

osnapitzlai y: De Gea is injured I heard! But its likely casillas will play tomorrow

Jay Fitzgerald: In all honesty, I love DDG but Casillas is their captain and provides that leadership for the team, I know they have Xavi, Alonso and Ramos who all do so as well but Iker has been there through thick and thin and one bad game doesn't mean getting dropped. As for the penalty decision, when i saw it live i thought it was a penalty but in the replays De Vrij got the ball cleanly and then Costa stepped on his and fell over. I can understand why it was given but likewise why it shouldn't have been.

p.s. Do you have a team that you follow in the A-League?

Moxxi !: Loving the WC. Good to just enjoy and appreciate some good football without being emotionally involved and at the Edge of your seat all the time :) that diving headed Van Persie goal gave me tha chills. The hairs on my arm just insta spiked. Holy Sh*t! I Guess Holland dont need Batman, cause they got Robin, and Robben no less. Hehe

Looking forward to Germany vs Portugal tomorrow.

tcpgblizzard: De Gea to start deffo. And so far this has been a much better WC than 2010.

tcpgblizzard: Blind and Martins Indi to United? We can get pretty much anyone in the Dutch squad thanks to LVG. 

Anyway, great game, the Dutch looked like the Dutch of old, and they tore Spain apart like nobody's business. I don't think Spain have ever been so comprehensively defeated since they won the Euro '08. Master-class from LVG, which can only bode well for United.

Jenson Moore: Dea gea needs to start for

Daniel Izzillo: David should start and this world cup has been amazing so far. Costa Rica beating Uruguay 3-1 was a shocker. The game was amazing.

Samarta: Not a penalty! He tripped after the dutch guy took the ball.

Juriaan van der Flier: Fantastic mate, was a very very enjoyable match to watch, especially as a dutchman who started to feel the feel from the 2010 final... That last goal was just so nice, just totally degrading spain

Loved your review, have a good one

fons groot: Robben definitely belongs to the top 5 attackers of the moment. Ronaldo, arguably Messi(at the moment not in great from), but normally with Ronaldo number 1, Suarez and Ibrahimovic. Ramos and pique pooped their pants, thats just show you how scared they are of the best rw of the world.

Caroline Flowers: Mata n de gea should start nice vid m8

Michael Meikle: De Gea should have started the 1st game, Top class performance whole season at United vs a Casillas that hardly got a game this season and when gets a game...he looks out of form!! Favoritism. Yup.  Great review btw. Bless 

ONE BAD STEVE: I tweeted at you that I'd eat dog crap if David de Gea doesn't start for Spain next game, and I stand by that comment.

Mushi H.: Casillas days are over.. DDG or Reina have to step up. And I think Dea Gea should start over Reina (not being biased)

Barry O'Donnell: Will you do an England Italy review?

joris janssen: I am dutch and i was amazingly surprised and now I believe we can get further

Mart: You must be happy with Van Gaal, since you're a united fan :D
Spain vs Netherlands Review World Cup 2014 5 out of 5

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Spain vs Netherlands Review World Cup 2014