Qwikbuns - Military Bun

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Qwikbuns - Military Bun @
Qwikbuns - Military Bun @
Easy Bun Maker | First Impression Review
Easy Bun Maker | First Impression Review

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geeta davis: Looks easy

Rachel Wonders: That was a really quick bun; I definitely need to get that tool.

world famous indians: HIGHEST RATED 1000 MOVIES
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BumbleBee Tuna: Military bun.....🤣🤣🤣

Oh Hol: My hair could NEVER

Amelia Burch: I'll do the same thing but on the top of my head for marching season😂😂

cheese tuna: I still don't understand

Pumpilla Msp: For all those who are saying "That's not a Military Bun, it can be used for other things too." Well, a Military Bun is a type of bun not only used for the Military.

Biscuit Sensei: The strands of hair she leaves untucked over her ears are really annoying and idk why

plehese mihena: Actually you can do a normal low bun

Vayona Narekuli: crap I thought this was a tutorial on how to a Fiona hairstyle

David Nguyen: Just shave your hair , it will grow out

Clippy Chan: the narrator sounds like shes about to cry

Lisa Gorska: Finally I know how to use that grandma’s weird thing!

KutsaiChan: My hair is so thin, I could never do this :I

not a: This vid is hella depressing

Jay Valentine: Ugly bun

Potato _Chips: I'm a guy with short hair why am I watching thus

vanessa banales: thank you i needed this

Raiden Burnz: Why was this in my recommended?
Qwikbuns - Military Bun 5 out of 5

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ramiro frança de santana frança: manual do suunto t6d
geeta davis: Looks easy
DCSPEED23: They really need to step it up...
yenhan705eh77: rogue is a piece of crap
Ken Donnelly: Yes those battery straps kinda a pain. I did a dusk flight on mine recently. Those lights are bright. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBCGRBv2mGQ&t=13s
Pale Ghost: Lol the second way was what just happened to me today lol!!!! :D
Tone It Up: @LoveCelebGossip ooo tall iced coffee with a little soy :) delish!!

Qwikbuns - Military Bun