Montgomery 17 Sailboat Tour (SOLD)

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Montgomery 17 Sailboat Tour (SOLD)
Montgomery 17 Sailboat Tour (SOLD)
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Montgomery 17 - For Sale
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James Dunn: The poster here was unavailable to answere questions. Why? If you're going to post be responsive. Thumbs down.

Michelle Evans: I wonder what you can tell me about your auto pilot.  Did you like it ?  Was it expensive?  Easy to INstall thanks Richard

Robin E: I am curious to know the reason you had for selling the boat, as I am thinking about buying one for the first time. Did you get tire of it or are you getting one bigger? Please let me know. Thanks.

Richard Evans: I want to purchase a montgomery 17 and am impressed with your video. Excellent job. I realize yours is sold but wonder if you would consider talking to me about some questions I have about a 17. My email is Thank you Richard

warspite2: Wow nice sailboat!

Joshua Johnson: do you plan on sailing solo or with company often? I find the smaller the sailboat; the more often you sail. I have a Renken 18, and I sail 4 times as much as all the 20+ footers I see at the docks...and I don't have slip fees?!

JBRIEKS: can you help me out? what would be better choice for someone with no experinmce? 23ft or 17footer?

Terry Boykin: nice boat young fellow. stay small and enjoy. smart. Extra battery is the way to go and second small solar. My first boat was simple and that was the most fun boat I ever owned. I have had three. Current one is 46 feet. There is a message here.

Sparkie Waller: This was a very good video. I learned a lot about sail boats. It looks like you've got it all the bases covered. I did have one question about the battery. Is there some way the battery is charged wen you are out on the water? I have trouble with my RV batter running down when not in use. All the best...

Walkertongdee: Well I made it through good vid and very desctiptive, didnot like those ugly screws sticking down inder the deck and the painting or fiberglass mess thereabots though...

Walkertongdee: oooh it has a stern and bow light.

Mick Scarborough: What a wonderful little boat

baylor4life: Very nice for it's size
Montgomery 17 Sailboat Tour (SOLD) 5 out of 5

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5BASSIP: So very sad. Didn't get to hear about this in the UK. but I liked,and agree with your comments on your previous video.
Wayne S.: Well past redline!
Vic Rattlehead: I bought this set recently. Great vehicles, especially the Humvee
Pavillon: London FC !

Montgomery 17 Sailboat Tour (SOLD)