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April MacDonald: Thanks for sharing your story! I'm currently doing Piyo and may do p90x after completion. I'm not drinking shakeology because it's too expensive. Hopefully I'll still get good results. Thanks!
Livia Graciele: amei tudo
sizzmarr: Okay so I've replayed this part like 100 times and I still can't figure out what Kat says as 8:54 where everyone freaks out. Can anyone help?
amatorcemuzik: Does it work for TOYOTA ESP 9000,
How much it would be the price ?

myohmyli: Ahh I love EOS! :)
Ashleybradbury: This is Snake.....Colonel, can you hear me?
EXOmegaZero: Okay, I think they may just have realized that they went a bit too dark and gritty with Shattered Soldier, but goddamn, that was just plain cheesy.

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