MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Fake It Til You Make It

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WerehogFan18: The story for the episode does seem rushed like the writers were running out of time and try to skim it fast as possible.

yourfat granddad: facepalm

Edgardo J. Cruz: Not going to lie, I liked this episode. It gave Fluttershy more depth to her character. However the whole episode has a glaring issue that makes the conflict nonexistant if it was done so.

When Rarity was looking for a suitable replacement to run her Manehatten Boutique she seemed to have blantantly forgot one pony that was perfect for the role.

A pony who met Rarity through a fashion competition, lives in Manhatten so is always close by to Rarity's business there, owes her new found sucess to her, is talented enough that even Rarity aknowledges as such, even has popular plays hire her to make costumes for them, gave a macguffin that was vital in season 4 finale, was the focus and pony of need in a Friendship Mission, and personally went out her way to come to Rarity's Manhatten Boutique Grand Opening, despite being SICK herself and stating as such. COCO POMMEL

I mean seriously did NO ONE thought about this at all!? I mean come on Rarity she is available, amd is devoted to you, and understands the field of fashion to a 'T'.

Plus she would not need to make false personas or pretend to know such fir she already does. Especially unlike Fluttershy she does not have any crippling social anxiety. Confindense issues and a bit self reserved yeah, but she is not afraid to soeak her mind if she feels if its needed.

Not to mention with previous seasons giving much needed character focus and development to new and older side characters. This was misssed opportunity indeed. Also don't give that copyright name to "Miss Pommel" as a excuse. Various characters had their names changed or shuffled around and still made prommient appearances. So that excuse holds no water.

white rose the researcher pegasister: seeing flutter shy act like diffent pony's was grand and new, i mean g whiz she is doing great to help her fusion friend, but at the end she was a bit too much. she as a goth kinda remind me in high school all i can say it was a good ep and shy was just wow

Midnight Chimes: I mean... at least Fluttershy was held responsible, to a degree, and apologised, unlike in Putting Your Hoof Down

Moonshadow Mystery: You made some good points in your analysis.   Honestly as I didn't take the time to really let it all sink in to further analyze it before writing my own review I didn't really take note of some of these, even though my own included a synopsis from start to finish.   So I'm really glad I took the time to watch this as it has given me a bit more of an appreciation for some of the aspects of the episode and the various things that were tried.

There were a hoofful of points that you and I seem to agree on, which is good to know when you're not the only one who takes notice of certain underlying themes.   Though I probably over thought some of my own observations despite it being "First thoughts".    Well either way good job and impressed by how simple you keep things.   As previously stated I often overthink so more often than not I end up with way too long of reviews as a result.  But that's why I transitioned most of my first thoughts into written format. 

Again good job and keep up the great work.   I'll include a link to my own thoughts in case you wanna compare notes or anything like that:  https://greatdragonseiryu.deviantart.com/art/First-Thoughts-on-MLPFIM-S8-Ep-4-740419346

~ Sincerely, the rainbow-eyed bug pony,
Compound-Eyes (aka Moonshadow Mystery / Moonlight Shadow) the changeling

Ira Sutton: I have a feeling the school is going to be the biggest plot hole in this season and one of the biggest in the show.

Kifflom Dolphin: Nice review, Anthro. You get a like, good sir. Also, Traverse Town, i see what you did there.

Actionfan19: The bigger question is, how does the store only have 3 types of costumers?

Nicholas Bleker: This episode can be pretty much summed up as Fluttershy becoming like Mick Foley who played three characters and herself with doing a masterful job at keeping kayfabe as a face and heel for all of these characters that she created. I absolutely loved this and enjoy the entire episode throughout, yeah I see the errors in the finale half of the episode but I could care less when I'm entertained by Fluttershy's performance in this episode, as well as draw connections to what was done here and what happens in wrestling for instance the sake of Mick Foley or anyone else who played a character that was a heel or face and did a masterful job at keeping kayfabe about it. I can understand why people would hate this episode, but I sure as hell ain't one of those people.

Charleston ho: Similiar to Stanley prison experiment

Herman Cillo: The episode is kind of meh due to the "acting a role goes too far" cliche. The later humor, ESPECIALLY the "you're terminated" gag at the end, makes at least of this episode hysterical. :)

Then again, I'm someone who focuses on the best scenes, even in only okay episodes.

EDIT: Oh, I think the Friendship School is more like a part time college than a full time school, so only some classes each day, and probably only a few classes per week per teacher, at most.

EDIT 2: I sometimes get the feeling that the writers have a joke they want to do, and work other stuff around that. Or maybe they have to do an idea, and we get something disjointed because of that.

Sarah Black: I'm pretty sure the music is from Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts

Warrior of Virtue: I think a better way to do this would have been that instead of Fluttershy suddenly becoming a bitch, she started running herself ragged creating more and more personas until she cracked.

General Jimmies: The episode's title sounds like sex advice you would give to someone XD

064678543: 4:50 If she can run a cult, she can run a school!

Gerardo Otero: ... So, Fluttershy is Mick Foley?

FandeJay: ...so wait, is Fluttershy schizophrenic, now?

Alexandra McGinnis: I hated how this episode threw away everything about what Fluttershy knows about fashion!

christnapa4: I believe that the things you are complaining about were deliberate choices to enhance the comedy, this was supposed to be a comedic episode of the likes of Saddle Row review.
MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Fake It Til You Make It 5 out of 5

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