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Ronald Kim: Wow nice
Riana Thompson: Hi, what camera did you use to film this video? It looks so great
KoRo So Cool: อัดคลิป ออกมาอีก บ่อยๆ นะคับ ผมชอบดูคริป ที่พี่ เล่นกาลี โหดดีชอบ ปล. พี่ไม่ได้เล่น นักเวท บ้างหรอคับ..เผอิญ ผมเล่นสายนี้ด้วย อยากเห็น คอมโบ ไว้เปน วิทยาธาร บ้าง..^^
Enea Hoyos: I bought this watch.
First of all it's always going too slow, to the point that you have to set it every day to have a chance of getting some decent accuracy when looking at the time.
Then after a month the crown broke off. I sent the watch back to the factory, who told me they wouldn't repair it (even though the guarantee is 1 year) because the crown breaking could be due to me using the watch incorrectly. I am still wondering what kind of use (it was on my wrist in an office) could warrant a crown breaking off.

JenbM Cyclist: Great presentation. Thank you!
C C: Their awesome buy them out when they 2 for 5..
Jacob Right: The game says that it's the oldest cheat code, then it resets as a punishment...

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