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Николай Никитенко: Аудиозапись гипноза:

Альбина Гаджимурадова: А какая цена ?
F Lenard: My UX303UB (1500euro laptop) had it's motherboard suddenly die after 2 years and 2 months of light, at office use, despite it being connected to a UPS. It was purely due to the bad quality of the components :( wouldn't recommend this laptop (and after this experience and talking to customer support, which was one of the worst i've ever seen) or any ASUS product to anyone!
M3rtyville: Man, you deserve more views but with such a long intro, you turn off a lot of potencial viewers.
Познание Разума: Я тоже перенёс сюда кнопку кондиционера. Ей там самое место.
norhazani Norhazani: At 02:29 it has minecraft and spy gear..!
Shine Shine: I don't have money to take this course. Good thing there are lectures like these.
Thanks for uploading!
New subscriber here.

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