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Johnny Fairmont: No outright compatible pod? Refilling them is just a pain :(
MsLaika24: Love & Peace 들어간 차 귀여워요~
Maxbello Re-able: Genius!! wher are you ?lets talk i would love to meet up and share with you some idea for a segway wheel chair...
Wiko Wiko: กุว่าแรงเครื่อง100วิ่งขนาดนี้..เบื่อน้ำลายซิ่งวิ่งดีไประวังลืนน้ำลายนะจ๊ะ
Sonia Legg: I had one of these but I got rid of it because it got broken. One of the best toys I had 😊
WarpedSkate: Yeah everybody that thinks its better to make one its not! go big or go home buy the real thing because the one i made sucks
Alex Orlando: Hello Thomas! Thank you for your educational videos I have the same exact car and very recently it started making an alarming sound when I change gears, from 1st to second and then again from second to third. Gears enter smoothly and the clutch isn't indicating any problem. As soon as I put the gear (2 or 3) and gradually take my foot off the clutch, the moment i step the acceleration it makes that kicking sound. It feels like it's below the passenger's side or near the center

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