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Lucky Goose: Rumour has it this guy now designs NASA shuttles.
Kenneth Basham: You should try the new model
dont know: My 12' Camillus Machete suck, it doesn't even have a full tang which is why it broke. Like everyone else is saying the handle will crack and break. Real Machetes that have Tang showing half or full tang.
NH Outdoors: What rod are you using there? Looks kind of St. Croix-ish.
XX_EnderMan _XX: Give me the new link pls
Nitro Rad: *UPDATE* THQNordic has confirmed they'll be porting the game to PC in November! (And they're fixing the save bug!)
Nash Doyle: They need to make a payment plan option the battery is not as much as the scooter but closer than farther. Plus I wonder if I can get cash for the acid battery as why waste that. It's too heavy to be a good back up I'd think it would just drain more than help lol besides the wiring. Well I'd say it he upgrade is well worth it, I say if it's not how you want it don't settle for less or you'll waste your money unless you need it asap. Now the month shipping wait seems way unreasonable come on a moth for a battery but a week for the scooter lol. Edit both weight, wait ha. Dang it edit attempt #2; wait not weight and not both, not weight for the first edit lmfao idk.

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