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techlab0293: This looks like a life too easy, some trailer park footage would help.
MakeupByCovi: Watching in 2018 ❤️❤️
Mónica Gómez: Hola perdón mi ignorancia porque se usa la brocha después de el foundation?
Naruto San: I play this game a long time ago using snes9x and an English patch. What sucks though is that maybe only half the game was in English. I would like to play it again but only of its fully in English. I love this game one of my favorite turn based RPGs.
OriginalName: I have a problem, in game the custom glow effect isn't showing for me, is it a graphical setting or is it a new patch?
Carlos Vega: You still have your cats
Юлия Паршина: Идеальные брови и без макияжа

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