Showing My Bull Riding Gear

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showing my bull riding gear
showing my bull riding gear
A little review over my bull riding equipment
A little review over my bull riding equipment
My rodeo gear
My rodeo gear
My bull riding gear bag 2016
My bull riding gear bag 2016
a update on all of my bull riding gear
a update on all of my bull riding gear

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Luie Torres: Can I have 1 of your ropes

Bull rider 07: Sorry

Bull rider 07: Sorry that’s just what my bull riding coach says

Bull rider 07: Steel bells are dangerous for the bull not to be a hater but the copper bells are better because if the bull steps on it it won’t break its ankle

Kelly Semerad: Pdr

Leila Witherspoon: hi nice to meet you 😊 can we be friends ? I'm from Oregon and I'm 17 years old I ride horses and do barrels and more

Daniel Boisselier: how much for ur old one

Johnnyhumbkr: I've never rode a bull myself, but had a friend that did and I was wondering why all you bullriders hold your bullrope with your palm away from you. I think it would be a lot safer if you held the rope with your palm toward you and your fingers wrapped toward you. Just a thought, like I said, I'm not a bull rider.

Tommy Exendine: hey is ur pad made by barstow pro rodeo equipment i recommend barstow they r one of my sponsors

matt bradley: get sponsors man

Strutin and Rutin: At the end of the Vidio u never told me who makes your bullropes!so who does make them?

Kenyon24v Snail: Do you wanna donate those spur rowels you don't use?

Brent Myslive: im also in the paranormal activity buisness

Kody Jackson: Not trying to be mean but is it the video or do you talk wierod

Torry Good: thank you

sayiwont9490: Nice bull rope and gear! Keep up the good work Torry.
showing my bull riding gear 5 out of 5

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Gometallica12: Does the graphics card switch from intel to nvidia automatically when going into a game?
allentig: wad (what a douche)
aluisious: Waxed cotton is not real motorcycle gear. May as well be a denim jacket, or a hoodie. Zero abrasion resistance. People wore waxed cotton in the day because it was rain perforated waxed cotton is...?? Something for confused hipsters.
Giuliano Oyarzabal: que tal a barraca amigo, no acampamento deu tudo certo? chuva, calor??
Kevin Wu: Lol how did you manage to finish all that food?
iskateu247: Thankyou very much you helped me a lot. Now I just need to get a battery. Can I ask what battery you are using and what sort of flight times you get with it?
mhs vz: Both. Thank you.

showing my bull riding gear