Showing My Bull Riding Gear

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A little review over my bull riding equipment
A little review over my bull riding equipment
showing my bull riding gear
showing my bull riding gear
What's in my bull riding gear bag
What's in my bull riding gear bag
My rodeo gear
My rodeo gear
Cool Unboxing!!! Rodeo Gear
Cool Unboxing!!! Rodeo Gear

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Bull rider 07: Sorry

Bull rider 07: Sorry that’s just what my bull riding coach says

Bull rider 07: Steel bells are dangerous for the bull not to be a hater but the copper bells are better because if the bull steps on it it won’t break its ankle

Kelly Semerad: Pdr

Leila Witherspoon: hi nice to meet you 😊 can we be friends ? I'm from Oregon and I'm 17 years old I ride horses and do barrels and more

Daniel Boisselier: how much for ur old one

Johnnyhumbkr: I've never rode a bull myself, but had a friend that did and I was wondering why all you bullriders hold your bullrope with your palm away from you. I think it would be a lot safer if you held the rope with your palm toward you and your fingers wrapped toward you. Just a thought, like I said, I'm not a bull rider.

Tommy Exendine: hey is ur pad made by barstow pro rodeo equipment i recommend barstow they r one of my sponsors

matt bradley: get sponsors man

Strutin and Rutin: At the end of the Vidio u never told me who makes your bullropes!so who does make them?

Kenyon24v Snail: Do you wanna donate those spur rowels you don't use?

Brent Myslive: im also in the paranormal activity buisness

Kody Jackson: Not trying to be mean but is it the video or do you talk wierod

Torry Good: thank you

sayiwont9490: Nice bull rope and gear! Keep up the good work Torry.
showing my bull riding gear 5 out of 5

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showing my bull riding gear