Bravely Default - Collector's Edition Unboxing!

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Bravely Default (3DS) Review!
Bravely Default (3DS) Review!

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Tech& Pecs: Looks amazing ! Check out my unboxing as well :)

The Legit Xeva: So descriptive: 6:00

darkkzain: nice unboxing

Tam Rowna: I wish i was more enthused of this game when it was been promoted online then i am now, looks like a good game

TomAnnex: I actually got mine today:P I didnt get to preorder it but a woman at gamestop said she would call me if the people didnt pick up their pre order. Surely enough I got the call about it and reserved it. I love the artbookX3 My favorite character is Ringabel.

Kamryn B: Great video, thanks for putting in the time.

dragonanime animedragon: wow

DayStrike99: Thats awesome!

Gavin: Dang that's nice

Miguel _: The collectors edition is really cool

Devon Taylor: Nooooooo i want it my baby my AR cards or soundtrack. 

Tubular_Trees: I'm so sad! i wanted the soundtrack...

Pokemonx12344: I wish I could have gotten this!

TheNintendomasterDX: Wish i could have a copy of this game since i can't really buy any more 3ds games for a while :(

Kostas: you've got to make a video with the AR kards !

13atman: I showed the ar cards on my channel!

Kor Meteor: Show those AR cards. I really want to see them.

nickwick35: so happy I pre ordered

Spyclone: Damn gotta wait for my copy.

Isaac villiers: I had to pay 59bucks for this at gamestop. But it was sold out everywhere in my city so it was worth it.
Bravely Default - Collector's Edition Unboxing! 5 out of 5

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bio2020: fascinating.
Станислав Б.: 4,4сек. на 330 л.с.? что за чушь?
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Joshua Smith: He had such good style
Juan Nuñez: Rajesh Koothrappali!!! =D
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Bravely Default - Collector's Edition Unboxing!